Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader

The Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader comes with variable settings to easily apply a range of lawn feeds and grass seed to larger areas.

Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary SpreaderScotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader
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Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader
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Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader uses a spinning disc to accurately throw the granules evenly in front of the moving spreader. It covers a broad strip approximately 3m (10 feet) wide, so you can quickly treat larger lawns or paddocks. The large hopper holds around 4kg of fertiliser meaning less fill ups are required.  


  • Adjustable spreading rates for use with a wide range of products

  • Minimal assembly required. Comes mainly pre-assembled

  • On / off control makes spreading easier

  • Made from durable lightweight materials

  • Fully washable



The spreader covers a width of 3m. The recommended walking speed is approximately 8.3m in 10 seconds. Because the outer edges of each strip receive slightly less granules than the centre, we recommend overlapping the strips by approximately 30cm (1ft). This will ensure even coverage to the whole area.


Directions of Use

  • Always wear gloves when handling any chemicals or fertilisers.

  • Keep any stored fertiliser or seed away from children and pets.

  • After use - pour any leftover product back into the original packaging and reseal. Wash the spreader thoroughly over the lawn to remove all product clinging to the spreader, taking particular care around the axle. Warm water may be required to remove stubborn residues. Allow the spreader to fully dry before storage. Lubricate the axle bushings regularly using a light spray lubricant. Apply liberally but do not use grease as this can cause product to stick.


To calibrate the spreader for your product:

  1. Mark out a test area. Ideally this area should be 10m². 1 large stride = approx 1 metre. Try and be as accurate as possible as this will affect the rate of application.

  2. Weigh out the required amount of fertiliser using scales and a jug as a container. For example, if your fertiliser recommends an application rate of 20g/m² and your test area is 10m², you will want to measure out 200g of fertiliser. For the purpose of the test, we would suggest doubling this amount, this will make it easier to work out if you are over applying. Make sure the spreader is closed in the off potion and pour in the measure fertiliser.

  3. Set the spreader to a low setting. It’s better to under apply for a start.

  4. Start a couple of metres back from the test area and begin walking at a normal pace pushing your spreader in front of you. The ideal walking speed  is just over 8m in 10 seconds. Once you reach the test area, turn on the spreader and continue to walk at the same consistent pace. Move up and down over the test area making sure to turn off the spreader when turning to avoid spreading too much fertiliser.

  5. Once you’ve covered the entire test area, you will need to check how much fertiliser you have left in the spreader. Pour the remaining product back into your measuring jug and weigh this on your scales. Subtracting the amount of fertiliser you have left from what you began with, you can work out if you the rate was too high or too low. If you have more left over than expected try increasing the rate, too little decrease the rate.

  6. If your initial rate was wrong, do the test with a higher or lower setting as required. Repeat this test until you achieve the correct rate and then make a note of this setting for future reference. Please note as each product will vary you will need to complete this test for each product you wish to use.

  7. For grass seed such as our Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed, use an initial rate setting of 30 and complete the calibration test to fine tune the setting. Due to the bulky nature of grass seed you may require 2 applications at this rate to apply the correct amount of seed. Please note – we do not recommend using this spreader for Shadesman Seed due to the small size of seed.


To use the spreader:

  1. Calculate the area of the lawn in square metres by multiplying the length by the width (1 large stride = approx 1 metre)

  2. The area multiplied by the application rate will give the exact amount of fertiliser you need.

  3. Use a set of scales to weigh out the product and then add it to the spreader ready to apply – be accurate and do not be tempted to add a bit extra as this may cause scorching to your lawn.

  4. Select the spreader setting as calculated from the steps above.

  5. Walk steadily pushing the spreader while also squeezing the trigger on the handle. Release trigger at the end of each pass

  6. To obtain even coverage, spread half the required amount in a north-south direction, then the other half in an east-west direction

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