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Do shady conditions mean that your lawn is sparse and prone to moss invasion? Try using Shadesman Turf for a thicker, greener, and more manageable lawn

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Shadesman Turf

Hardwearing, slow growing and shade tolerant, Shadesman Turf is the ideal groundcover for gardens where trees, fences or buildings cast their shadows for part of the day.

Shadesman is the result of decades of careful seed selection and plant breeding. Starting with the wild grasses that spend most of their year under the snow of alpine meadows, Shadesman turf has been refined, improved and domesticated to become a well behaved and beautiful lawn grass. The Turfonline team has further developed it to create an easy to use turf that looks good and thrives in sun or part shade.

Why choose Shadesman?

The greatest thing about Shadesman turf is that it looks and feels just like a normal lawn but won’t lose its colour or its vigour in low light conditions. Another of its charms is that it grows relatively slowly. Expect to mow around 50% less frequently than our budget grade turf. High shoot density means that a lawn made with Shadesman will be thick, luxurious and very hardwearing due to the shade tolerant grass.

Each roll of turf covers 1 square metre of prepared soil. We strongly recommend using a pre-turfing fertiliser with Shadesman Turf

Please note: Shadesman turf will not perform well in the deepest shade. In areas that receive sunlight for less than half the day, you may need to overseed once a year with our Shadesman seed.

What’s in Shadesman Turf?

  • 100% Supranova poa supine for durability and shade tolerance

For more information on calculating your turf requirements, preparing the soil and laying turf, please visit our Knowledge Base.

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