Watering is one the most important steps in ensuring your turf establishes well. Without being watered, your turf is likely to dry out and lose colour and strength. Did you know that just one hour's worth of careful watering immediately after laying the turf is worth seven hours later on? That shows just how important it is to keep your brand new turf watered.

By making sure that you use a sprinkler, rather than a hosepipe, you can help to ensure an even distribution of water across your turf and garden. This will mean that the health of your turf will be kept in check. However, if you find out that you have weak water pressure, or if there is the threat of a prolonged dry spell, you may wish to consider adding water-retaining gel to the soil. The water-retaining gel will reduce the need for watering by up to four times, by using crystals within the gel to hold on to large amounts of water.

This means that you are able to keep your lawn turf hydrated throughout the year, no matter what season and how much of a dry spell you may find yourself in. If you would like help buying turf online with us today, we have a large team of turf supplier specialists ready to help over the phone or on live chat!

  1. Water Retaining Gel (15m²)

    (1 reviews)
    Cutting down the volume of watering post-installation-
    £7.19 Incl VAT
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  2. Water Retaining Gel (30m²)

    (3 reviews)
    Blend, lay, then water well.
    £11.99 Incl VAT
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  3. Hozelock Ultimate Hose 30m

    The Hozelock Ultimate Hose uses Tricoflex knitted technology to provide a high performance “kink free” hose that will last for years.
    £40.00 Incl VAT
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  4. Hozelock Hose Fitting Starter Set

    This starter kit is suitable for all 12.5mm (1/2”) hoses and comes with 5 attachments.

    £10.00 Incl VAT
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  5. Vortex Spike Sprinkler

    (1 reviews)

    A simple but effective spike sprinkler by Hozelock - ideal for smaller gardens. 

    £13.00 Incl VAT
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  6. Miracle-Gro® Feeder

    The Miracle-Gro Feeder is a unique feeding system which is quick and easy to use and comes complete with 200g of Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Soluble Plant Food.
    £13.99 Incl VAT
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  7. Spear & Jackson 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer

    The Spear & Jackson pump action pressure sprayer is accurate and easy to operate. Ideal for all those essential garden treatments.

    £14.99 Incl VAT
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