Water Retaining Gel (30m²)

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Blend, lay, then water well.

Water Retaining Gel (30m²)Water Retaining Gel (30m²)
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During the hot summer weather, your turf and lawn can often find itself dry and struggling to gain enough water to stay healthy and lush. In order to help with this and to ensure you get to keep a wonderful, green lawn, Gardman Watergel is designed to gather water and store it near the surface.

The crystals within the water retaining gel can absorb weight equal to several hundred times their own. This means that they are able to hold vast amounts of water, keeping it available for the various grass and flower roots.

When To Use Water Retaining Gel

It is recommended to scatter these water retaining gel crystals at a rate of 35 grams per square meter, through the top layer of soil. Do this before you lay your new turf in order to make sure you get the best results for your garden. By doing it in this manner, the water will be held by the water retaining gel in the perfect place for the roots of the turf.

Making use of these water retaining gel crystals, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of watering needed by up to 4 times! This means that you are able to ensure your new turf and lawn will stay as lush and healthy as possible throughout the summer, without a growing water bill cost or added time caring for it. So why not get yourself some water retaining gel and help your garden stay healthy and green for longer.

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