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Turfonline is the online sales website for Harrowden Turf, one of the largest growers and distributors of turf in Europe. Across the UK Harrowden Turf has over 3,000 acres dedicated to turf production. Across five locations Harrowden Turf produces and sells a variety of garden turf, wildflower turf, topsoil and sedum for sale all over the UK. From a head office in Kettering, Harrowden Turf manages national trade sales as well as online sales via its Turfonline web platform. Turfonline offerings have expanded to include garden tools, fertilisers, soils and lawn treatments.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, integrity, and passion for delivering outstanding customer service. There is no room to stand still in such a competitive environment and our culture of innovation means our products and services evolve and are at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

Turfonline is a family run company that was borne out of the amalgamation of four of the UK’s most renowned regional turf companies. We boast a wealth of specialised growing skills and experience, coupled with in-depth local knowledge gained over more than 50 years in the turf industry. This has created true nationwide capability without the loss of that all-important local knowledge and experience.

We believe it is important to have a clear vision and set of values to demonstrate what we are all about and how we operate.

Our Vision

Help create inspirational green spaces that enrich lives and our environment.

Our Mission

To sustainably deliver the right products, to the right place, at the right time, every time.

Our Values

Quality We strive to deliver outstanding products and exceptional customer service every day.

Integrity We are open and honest in all our dealings to build trust and more resilient relationships.

Innovation We challenge what we do everyday to drive positive change.

Teamwork We believe in growing better together to deliver more success through shared goals and mutual support.

Sustainability We aim to grow and develop our business whilst caring for the environment and our community.

Why Turfonline

At Turfonline we are passionate about our products and are totally focused on providing excellent customer services. With our extensive product knowledge and years of experience supplying the landscape industry, we are able to provide the consistency of product and the reliability of service our customers demand. Turfonline has adopted the very latest technology across planting, maintenance, harvesting and distribution to ensure that our customers are supplied with only the best possible product, in peak condition, where they want it, when they want it.

All around the UK people experience our superior living landscape products every day. And now you are about to experience for yourself the benefits of choosing the UK’s leading turf grower.

What gives Turfonline the edge over competitors?

No other turf company has the broad geographic spread of production centres with unrivalled regional knowledge gained over many years in the turf industry. Locating our production sites closer to our customers means we are well placed to sustainably service customers across the UK. We believe we have several other advantages over our competitors:

Product range our wide range of industry leading turf, Meadowmat Wildflower Turf, Enviromat Sedum Matting and other landscaping products suitable for many applications.

Consistency from planting to delivery of the end-product we operate the same systems, production processes and methodology across all sites. All our farms can irrigate during dry spells and supply can be switched between farms if severe weather conditions begin to impact quality, allowing us to provide reliable year-round supply.

Trebro Turf Harvester

Distribution our market leading delivery service whether via our own forklift enabled fleet, partnerships with reliable specialist hauliers and national pallet networks. This in combination with our local production and depot collection locations gives customers greater access to our products. Our local presence lowers journey times, increases delivery reliability and means fresher turf upon arrival. The ability to offer priority services and accurate ETA’s gives you the ability to plan your work effectively.

Scale as one of the largest turf producers in Europe we negotiate the best prices and demand the highest quality seed, inputs, equipment, and haulage, passing the benefits on to our customers. It also creates the platform for innovation with scope and resource to invest in R&D to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry developments.

Trust we seek to be open and transparent in all our dealings. We have a proud history and are in business for the long-term through building strong relationships and delivering quality every time. We are happy to be held to account and we subscribe to the independently administered reviews.co.uk to obtain real customer feedback and testimonials.

Process Control Turfonline’s modern processes and IT systems make having turf delivered easier than ever, even at short notice.

People Above all we pride ourselves on our great people, seamlessly working together to ensure we deliver the right products, to the right place, at the right time, every time.

Our order turned up when promised and was in excellent condition…

we laid it the same evening…

we have kept it well watered…

It quickly grew into lush weed-free grass and is looking fantastic.Thank you.

D.Wade – Sept 2020

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