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Green Roofing Tray Systems

Build a self-contained green roof the easy way in a green roof tray from TurfOnline. Our green roof trays come complete with sedum and substrate, meaning you can team them with green roof edging and a fleece protection layer to create the simplest green roof solution.

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  • Sedum Tray

    Sedum Trays

    As Low As £26.26 incl VAT

    Green Roof In A Tray. These trays are supplied full of drought-loving sedum plants already to go, substrate included - as a completely self-contained green roof solution. The result is an instant green roof, quicker than matting alone delivering a rooftop transformation virtually overnight.

  • green roof edging

    Green Roof Edging

    As Low As £5.50 incl VAT

    A lightweight aluminium roof edging suitable for a range of applications. Available in 50mm or 100mm

Green Roofing Tray Systems

Our sedum trays allow you to transform your garden roof. Sedums are a charming, pollinator-friendly species that will offer varied colours and textures for long flowering periods, and these trays allow you to transport, install, and enjoy the captivating aesthetics of these plants with no additional components needed.

You can buy our durable and lightweight aluminium green roof edging by the metre. It’s built with a smart design featuring air slots that allow water to drain while keeping pebbles and substrate in place. The accompanying connectors extend the edging while still looking like one seamless green roof. Plus, it is built to last – its aluminium construction makes it entirely resistant to rust.

Make sure to check weights and the load bearing capability of your roof before you order. As an experienced green roofing tray supplier, we aim to ensure you are as informed and confident in your purchase as possible. Browse this and more on TurfOnline’s store, and read our Help Centre to find advice to help you achieve the perfect lawn.

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