Sedum Tray Systems

Our sedum tray systems allow you to have your very own green roof quickly and easily. These trays are supplied full of drought-resistant sedum plants all ready to go, with substrate included. With one of our sedum trays, you have a completely self-contained green roof solution.

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  • Lightweight Sedum Tray

    As Low As £19.92 incl VAT

    Our lightweight sedum system comes with substrate and filtration slots so is both lighter when wet and dry. So long as you have considered the weight bearing capability of your roof these modules can be fitted without specialist tools or knowledge. Sold per tray

  • green roof edging

    Green Roof Edging

    As Low As £5.50 incl VAT

    A lightweight aluminium roof edging suitable for a range of applications. Available in 50mm or 100mm

Using our sedum trays means no planting, no working out how deep the growing medium needs to be – just simply put down some roof protection and fix the trays in place. The result is an instant green roof quicker than matting alone, which delivers a rooftop transformation virtually overnight.

All you have to concentrate on is maintaining the sedum plants themselves. Consult our guide to caring for your sedum plants in the summer and winter to learn how to get the best out of them.

As one of the UK’s highest-rated turf suppliers, we aim to make gardening as simple and fuss-free as possible. For more tips and guides on managing your sedum plants, visit our Help Centre which is chock full of information from our company’s 50-plus years of experience. Add to your garden’s biodiversity and take a look at our sedum tray systems today.

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