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For maximum colour and minimum effort, perennial wildflowers are the perfect way to decorate your garden. Provided they suit your soil and conditions, they should return annually without too much effort, giving your garden year-round colour. Find your favourite within our range or take the plunge and introduce your garden to new species, colours and blooms.

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Perennial wildflowers may have a shorter season, but they need less work and can provide better value. Put those benefits together with the aeration and long-term nutrient supply that their roots can bring to your garden and perennials look like star performers. But, as ever, it’s all down to conditions. Understand your soil, the conditions in your garden and the conditions that your favoured perennials prefer and all should be well.

The possibilities with our perennial wildflower species are almost endless. You could stand out with the dainty pink flowers of Ragged Robin or dazzle with the yellow clusters of Birdsfoot Trefoil. You could mix and match different perennial wildflower species to really bring out the best in your garden space.

Discover TurfOnline’s comprehensive guides on perennial wildflower planting and care in our Help Centre, where you can gain the knowledge to create a captivating wildflower meadow that lasts season after season. TurfOnline has over 50 years of experience in providing products and knowledge to gardeners, and our Help Centre is filled with expert advice and insights specifically for wildflower enthusiasts. Find your way to a perennially blossoming garden and browse our selection of premium wildflower seed mixes, exclusively from TurfOnline.

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