Grasses and Wildflower Grasses

Grasses, Grass Plants, Seed – Whilst annuals and perennials will take care of the colour – grasses can add subtlety, contrast and nuance. Plant or seed, cereal grasses to bamboos and cultivated varieties developed for a specific roles, grasses are the great unsung heroes of horticulture.

Subtlety is their watchword but don’t forget grasses can not only surprise they can also provide invaluable structure to your soil. Whether grown from seed or plants they will contribute to reducing CO2, trap impurities in the air and ask very little in the way of maintenance or care. Across larger areas grasses will also help reduce run-off and regulate temperatures at a micro level.

With reds, silver, yellow, green and black grasses have a much broader range of colours than you may have realised and are just as capable of taking centre-stage or providing a stunning backdrop.

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