Annual Wildflowers

Annual wildflowers can bring a burst of vivacious colour to your garden, supporting pollinators and increasing fauna diversity. Creating a wildflower garden allows you to continually modify your garden year after year as different species flourish and decline. Many are available here , on TurfOnline as annual wildflower plugs, plants or seeds. Give your garden an awe-inspiring display that will last all season long.

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Annual Wildflowers

Annual wildflowers provide shelter for wildlife and their seeds provide food, effectively connecting you to the natural world. Many are self-seeding plants that are close to being self-sufficient, but they still need a helping hand to renew themselves for the following year. Browse TurfOnline’s annual and perennial wildflower species to find those that suit your conditions and then check out our Help Centre for planting and maintenance ideas for both seeds and plants.

Imagine the spectacle you could achieve with some of the species we have in stock. You could stand out with the striking yet soft pink flowers of Corncockle, astonish with the blue star-like Cornflower or lift your garden with Wild Pansy’s butterfly-like petals of purple, yellow and white. By adopting a mixture of annuals and perennials, you can extend the blooming season in your garden too.

At TurfOnline, we aim to wow our customers with our annual wildflower collection. Our customers appreciate our commitment to keeping them informed and confident in their purchases. Browse this and more on TurfOnline’s store and check out our huge range of blogs for help and advice.

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