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TurfOnline has a range of accessories to provide you with all the elements you need to complete your green roof build. Browse our collection below and pick up what you need to help your green roof dreams become reality.

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  • roof drainage board

    20mm Drainage Board

    £7.50 incl VAT

    A tough cuspate drainage board with integral filter fleece, ideal for intensive and semi-intensive green roofs.    

  • filter fleece

    Filter Fleece

    £1.25 incl VAT

    A non-woven geotextile designed to filter and separate substrates from drainage systems.  

  • green roof protection fleece

    Protection Fleece

    £2.40 incl VAT

    A thick needle punched protection layer ideal for protecting waterproofing on green roof installations.  

  • Green Roof Feed

    £24.99 incl VAT

    2kg Keep your Sedum plants or biodiverse green roof healthy with this balanced feed made from natural ingredients.

  • Substrate

    Green Roof Substrate

    From £6.98 incl VAT

    A balanced green roof growing medium, engineered for optimum plant performance and reduced loading.

  • north sea cobbles

    Natural Sea Cobbles

    £3.50 incl VAT

    25kg bag of rounded sea pebbles suitable for a range of landscaping applications including green roofing

Green roof matting is only half the story. Whether you have adopted Enviromat Sedum or Meadowmat Wildflower Turf, a green roof system needs a range of products beyond planting to:

– Provide the right amount of nutrients

– Support the roots

– Protect the roof

– Keep the plants fed and watered

– Maintain drainage

– Keep all the various layers in place and working effectively

Our lineup of green and sedum roofing accessories includes all the tools and materials you need to make your green roof last. From Filter Fleece to Drainage Boarding, Substrate to Green Roof Feed, and Cobbles to Protection Fleece, we’ve got you covered. Read the short descriptions we’ve created for each product to learn more about their uses and benefits. We’re all about not just selling you the right products, but giving you the right information to grow your garden knowledge.

Our guide to green roof construction has everything you need to know about building a green roof of your very own and what equipment it requires. You can find this and more in TurfOnline’s Help Centre, which is packed full of helpful information. Start preparing for a green roof of your very own and browse our collection of top-quality green roofing accessories from TurfOnline today.

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