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Let your garden bloom with TurfOnline’s wildflower seed mixes. If you want to take the leap into wildflowers and create a meadow of your very own, let your garden burst into life with TurfOnline’s vibrant wildflower seed mixes. Beyond conventional garden beds, wildflowers introduce a rustic aesthetic that will charm visitors and pollinators alike.

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  • Traditional Meadowmat Seed Mix

    Traditional Meadowmat Seed Mix

    As Low As £9.64 incl VAT

    Picture yourself knee high in wildflowers and grasses and surrounded by summer insects. This is the feeling evoked by Traditional Meadowmat®  

  • Meadowmat Birds and Bees Seed Mix

    As Low As £14.32 incl VAT

    Create a beautiful meadow experience bringing natural beauty and wildlife to your open spaces. Bring maximum interest into your garden with minimal maintenance. Birds and Bees Meadowmat® could be exactly what you’re looking for.  

  • Meadowmat Species Rich Seed Mix

    Meadowmat Species Rich Seed Mix

    As Low As £11.62 incl VAT

    Meadowmat® Species Rich Seed Mix is perfect for creating an informal lawn that is both pretty and pollinator-friendly.  

  • Woodland Shade Seed Mix

    Meadowmat Woodland Shade Seed Mix

    As Low As £9.64 incl VAT

    Wondering what to do with that slightly shaded area in your garden? Planting some Woodland Shade Meadowmat® will add colour and interest without creating extra gardening jobs for you to do.  

  • Cottage Garden Meadowmat Seed Mix

    Meadowmat Cottage Garden Seed Mix

    As Low As £12.76 incl VAT

    Cottage Garden Meadowmat® creates flower beds and borders with the grace and charm of an old fashioned English garden but with a lot less work.  

  • Meadowmat SuDS Seed Mix

    SuDS and Slopes Seed Mix

    As Low As £11.86 incl VAT

    Every outdoor space has an area that's hard to maintain. SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat® is for all of those hard to reach places that still need to look beautiful.  

  • Heritage Seed Mix

    Heritage Seed Mix

    As Low As £21.73 incl VAT

    The Turfonline team are passionate about promoting the benefits of a biodiverse wildflower garden. Heritage Meadowmat® really does take biodiversity to a whole new level. With over 20 beautiful wildflower species in the mix, you will be sure to see a varied and colourful display year after year.  

Our wildflower seed mixes can be the first step in growing a wildflower garden that stands the test of time. They have the same names as our Meadowmat Wildflower Turf, so they are easy to match and easy to grow. Whilst our Meadowmat Wildflower Turf can give your garden an almost instant transformation, our seed mixes will demand a little more patience but should deliver just as well.

Keep in mind that planting the seeds is only the beginning of your wildflower journey. Whether you’re planting a patch of Traditional Meadowmat seed mix, Meadowmat Cottage Garden mix or anything else, wildflowers require dedication and the right supplements to truly flourish. They need the right blend of nutrients, protection against harsh conditions, consistent hydration, and periodic maintenance to ensure healthy growth.

Explore our guides on wildflower planting and maintenance at our Help Centre to delve deeper into creating an idyllic wildflower meadow of your own. All this and more await you at our Help Centre, a treasure trove of gardening insights from our expert team. Begin the journey to a wildflower garden and explore our collection of premium wildflower seed mixes from TurfOnline.

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