Help grow and maintain a flourishing green roof with TurfOnline’s green roof substrate. Do you dream of attracting wildlife and purifying your garden air with a natural green roof? Our substrate provides lightweight coverage for your roof with recycled materials, allowing plants to grow to their fullest potential.

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If you want to lay the foundations of a rooftop garden, garden soil will not be suitable for the job. Instead, use our green roof substrate. With its optimum water retention properties and low-nutrient base, provides the ideal growing medium for establishing and nurturing a rooftop slice of natural paradise.

At TurfOnline, we’ve researched and developed our green roof substrate formula for several decades. Substrate is not a naturally occurring product, but rather a blend of several different natural ingredients. Since it has larger particles than topsoil, the air cavities between them are larger to help create air pockets that insulate the building and allow for stellar drainage.

Before you purchase, make sure to check how much weight your roof can cope with, as certain roofs may not be suitable to deal with even our low-density substrate. For more information and FAQs on green roof substrate, visit our Help Centre. TurfOnline is committed to giving our customers as much information as possible to make them feel confident in their purchase.

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