Wildflower Plants, Bulbs and Seeds

Whilst Meadowmat Wildflower Turf is the fastest way to establish a wildflower meadow; plants, bulbs and seeds can help you customise your wildflower meadow as well add an extra dimension to the planting in your garden. Planned carefully you can enjoy colour and variety all year round whilst your seasonal wildflowers can be bolstered by spring-flowering bulbs or your favourite flowers year after year. With the option of seeds, bulbs or plants you can also decide whether you want instant colour, the anticipation of colour to come or the joy of creating your own seedlings.  If your especially confident take the chance to grow your flowers from seed and watch them germinate and grow.

We can’t deny that there is a built-in satisfaction to creating your own plants from seed. We would also be the first to recognise that growing from seed needs more knowledge and starting from scratch can be a little more intimidating. When to plant, how deep, when to plant out….It all demands a little more.  Admittedly, it will also take some patience and the belief that something will come up – but just wait. It will happen.

Of course, the best way is to adopt all three. Plants will bring an instant hit of colour and diversity to your garden. Bulbs can then follow up with new plants later in the season and seeds will bring the extra satisfaction and give you work to do in the garden whilst the others mature.

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