Whether you’re starting a lawn from scratch, over-seeding to build density or repairing a patch, we have the seeds and the tools to help. With our range of lawn and turf seeds, you can foster a rich and healthy lawn year-round.

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  • Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed

    Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed

    £12.99 incl VAT

    900g Invest in the best for your lawn. Our purity and germination certified Premium Lawn seed is ideal for overseeding existing lawns or creating a beautiful new lawn from scratch.

  • Shadesman+ Seed

    Shadesman+ Seed

    £25.99 incl VAT

    200g Our new Shadesman+ Seed is perfect for repairing bare patches in Shadesman+ lawns or creating a new lawn from scratch.

  • Harrowden Amenity Grass Seed 20Kg Bag

    £100.00 incl VAT

    The seed cultivars in this mix have been specially selected to provide a cost-effective general purpose landscaping seed mix, ideal for repairing existing lawn areas or creating large-scale grassed areas.

  • Titan seed

    Titan Turf Lawn Seed

    £25.99 incl VAT

    900g Titan Turf Lawn seed is ideal for hard wearing, drought and shade tolerant areas. Its deep rooting properties will help stabilise soil whilst its slow growing nature means less mowing.   Buy One Get One Free

As one of the largest turf growers and suppliers in the country, we demand quality grass seed with a high germination rate and thoroughly gleaned of any weed seeds. So if you opt for sowing grass seeds to create your lawn rather than buying ready-to-lay turf, rest assured our lawn seed is some of the most potent and effective available anywhere.

Our range features the Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed, blended into a unique mix selected from top cultivars. Capable of producing a lawn with shade and drought tolerance, this seed comes in 900g bags that cover 30 square metres. If your lawn is in the shade, our 200g bags of Shadesman+ seed will boost your lawn or blend in with existing Shadesman turf to enhance overall shade tolerance.

We recommend that you keep some extra grass seed on the shelf that matches the turf you have. That way, you’ve got matching grass seed immediately available, making it swift and easy to top up. Our restorative lawn seeds are ready for a quick patch repair or an over-seed in spring after the ravages of a British winter.

At TurfOnline, we put the same amount of care into our lawn seed as we do our turf, and the results speak for themselves. Thousands of happy customers can attest to how our seeds are able to produce a truly beautiful and outstanding lawn with the right conditions and care. Rejuvenate yours with a bag from our range today.

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