Green Roofing Edging

Add the perfect finishing touch to your green roof with TurfOnline’s dedicated range of green roofing edging equipment. If you want precise and hard-wearing edging that compliments your garden, our green roofing edging is a mixture of strong engineering and thoughtful craftsmanship that is beloved by avid gardeners and professional landscapers alike.

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  • green roof edging

    Green Roof Edging

    As Low As £5.50 incl VAT

    A lightweight aluminium roof edging suitable for a range of applications. Available in 50mm or 100mm

  • north sea cobbles

    Natural Sea Cobbles

    As Low As £3.50 incl VAT

    25kg bag of rounded sea pebbles suitable for a range of landscaping applications including green roofing

  • roof drainage board

    20mm Drainage Board

    As Low As £7.50 incl VAT

    A tough cuspate drainage board with integral filter fleece, ideal for intensive and semi-intensive green roofs.    

  • filter fleece

    Filter Fleece

    As Low As £1.25 incl VAT

    A non-woven geotextile designed to filter and separate substrates from drainage systems.  

  • green roof protection fleece

    Protection Fleece

    As Low As £1.50 incl VAT

    A thick needle punched protection layer ideal for protecting waterproofing on green roof installations.  

Green Roof Edging

Our green roofing edging is designed to hold everything in place using the weight of the substrate – which also provides a safe border between the roof edge and the green planting. This strong green roof edging is made from aluminium with matching dual-purpose corner pieces and joining plates that allow for flexibility in your roof’s shape and size. Each piece features matching pre-cut slots to facilitate drainage and roof mounting. All we ask is that you wear gloves when installing.

In addition, we have green roof drainage equipment that protects your living roof environment. A drainage board is the foundation of your drainage system, made from a high-density polyethylene that provides a high flow rate so you won’t be stuck with a soggy rooftop. Moreover, our filter and drainage fleeces are made from a high-quality geotextile for world-class durability.

For effective and attractive green roofing edging, TurfOnline is the place to be. Customers love our dedication to keeping them informed about the world of gardening through our Help Centre. Take a visit and you’ll confident in your purchase and how to make the best out of your garden.

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