Caring for your lawn doesn’t end once it has been established. We have a range of lawncare equipment and consumables to keep it healthy and looking at its best. Unlock the full potential of your green space with tools to create a lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours.

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  • Harrowden Amenity Grass Seed 20Kg Bag

    £100.00 incl VAT

    The seed cultivars in this mix have been specially selected to provide a cost-effective general purpose landscaping seed mix, ideal for repairing existing lawn areas or creating large-scale grassed areas.

  • laying boards

    Turf Laying Boards

    £13.99 incl VAT

    Essential to prevent damage to newly laid turf, particularly when actually laying turf or when moving hoses etc.

  • Plantex Weed Control Fabric

    Plantex Weed Control Fabric

    £18.98 incl VAT

    14m² Plantex® Landscape Fabric by DuPont™ is a non-chemical weed barrier that lets soil and plants breathe while stopping weeds growing up from below.

  • Lawn Edging

    Lawn Edging

    From £8.59 incl VAT

    Our lawn and border edging is an innovative, easy-to-install flexible steel garden edging system, suitable for edging lawns, borders, patios, pathways, and driveways.

  • Lawn Edging Support Pins

    Lawn Edging Support Pins

    £6.50 incl VAT

    Additional support for our lawn edging products

  • Biodegradable Pegs

    Bio-degradable Pegs

    As Low As £2.40 incl VAT

    Our biodegradable barbed pegs are ideal for holding down weed fabrics and our range of turf, wildflower and sedum.

  • tree rings

    Tree Rings

    From £23.40 incl VAT

    Pre-rolled mild steel tree rings for a range of applications.

  • Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Lawn Feed

    Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Lawn Feed

    £15.49 incl VAT

    2kg Our professional lawn feed which contains the correct balance of nutrients required during the summer months.

  • Rapid Roots - Pre-Seeding/Turfing Feed

    £15.49 incl VAT

    2kg A pre-seeding and turfing fertiliser that has been specially designed to be used either before laying/seeding or up to 3 weeks later.

  • Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Lawn Feed

    Rejuvenator Autumn/Winter Lawn Feed

    £15.49 incl VAT

    2kg A professional lawn feed, which provides balanced nutrition during Autumn and Winter months.

  • Green Roof Feed

    £24.99 incl VAT

    2kg Keep your Sedum plants or biodiverse green roof healthy with this balanced feed made from natural ingredients.

  • Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader

    Scotts EasyGreen Rotary Spreader

    £59.99 incl VAT

    The Scotts® EasyGreen™ Rotary Spreader comes with variable settings to easily apply a range of lawn feeds and grass seed to larger areas.

  • Evergreen Fertiliser Spreader

    Evergreen Fertiliser Spreader

    £21.99 incl VAT

    A handy spreader that is ideal for small lawns. Easy to use with 5 settings and a handy arm support. Can also be used for applying seed.

  • Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed

    Jubilee Premium Lawn Seed

    £12.99 incl VAT

    900g Invest in the best for your lawn. Our purity and germination certified Premium Lawn seed is ideal for overseeding existing lawns or creating a beautiful new lawn from scratch.

  • Titan seed

    Titan Turf Lawn Seed

    £25.99 incl VAT

    900g Titan Turf Lawn seed is ideal for hard wearing, drought and shade tolerant areas. Its deep rooting properties will help stabilise soil whilst its slow growing nature means less mowing.   Buy One Get One Free

  • Shadesman+ Seed

    Shadesman+ Seed

    £25.99 incl VAT

    200g Our new Shadesman+ Seed is perfect for repairing bare patches in Shadesman+ lawns or creating a new lawn from scratch.

  • Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart (60m) with hose

    From £50.95 incl VAT

    The 60m Hose Cart comes complete with 30m or 50m of 12.5mm hose and all the fittings you need to start watering.

  • Hozelock Porous Soaker Hose

    From £19.50 incl VAT

    Hozelock’s Porous Soaker Hose is easy to use and one of the simplest ways to create a time saving watering system anywhere in the garden.

Keeping your lawn healthy requires good routine maintenance, but every lawn will benefit from a feed that gifts it a verdant shade of green whatever the season. From our Rapid Roots pre-turfing fertiliser to get new turf off to a great start, to our seasonal Vivid Green Spring/Summer feeds and Rejuvenator Autumn/Winter feeds to strengthen them against winter frosts and summer droughts, we have targeted fertilisers that excel in different situations.

Every gardener needs a range of tools, and at TurfOnline, our lawncare equipment can be used for everyday watering and landscaping ventures including laying boards, hosepipes, aerators, spreaders, edging and sprayers. Need a piece of top-quality Hozelock hosing equipment or long-lasting lawn edging? We’ve got everything you need to build and maintain the garden of your dreams.

Additionally, we stock pest control products of all varieties to fend off the many things working against your lawn’s vitality. Not only does TurfOnline have one of the most effective standalone weedkiller on the market from Roundup and Weedol, but we also specialise in protection against ants, leatherjackets, fungus and slugs. Fear them all no more.

Browse our collection of lawncare equipment today to find the solution to your existing challenges. As one of the UK’s highest-rated turf suppliers, we aim to make buying turf and lawncare products as simple and effective as possible. If you need any assistance in finding the right product for you or additional information and read our Help Centre to find advice to help you achieve an idyllic lawn.

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