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A green solution that can support wildlife, improve insulation and add extra colour to your garden. Our green roofing solutions include sedum kits for pitched and flat roofs as well as Meadowmat Wildflower Turf, feed and substrate products.

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  • drainage board

    20mm Drainage Board

    As Low As £7.50 incl VAT

    A tough cuspate drainage board with integral filter fleece, ideal for intensive and semi-intensive green roofs.

  • filter fleece

    Filter Fleece

    As Low As £1.25 incl VAT

    A non-woven geotextile designed to filter and separate substrates from drainage systems.

  • Green Roof Edging

    As Low As £5.50 incl VAT

    A lightweight aluminium roof edging suitable for a range of applications. Available in 50mm or 100mm

  • north sea cobbles

    Natural Sea Cobbles

    As Low As £3.50 incl VAT

    25kg bad of rounded sea pebbles suitable for a range of landscaping applications including green roofing

  • green roof protection fleece

    Protection Fleece

    As Low As £1.50 incl VAT

    A thick needle punched protection layer ideal for protecting waterproofing on green roof installations.

  • Meadowmat Floral Focus

    Meadowmat Floral Focus

    As Low As £27.68 incl VAT

    Dreaming of a display of colourful wildflowers? Floral Focus Meadowmat® has up to 41 different flowering species and contains no grasses, it’s a cacophony of colour.

  • meadowmat wildflower turf for green roofs


    As Low As £29.12 incl VAT

    The Turfonline team are passionate about promoting the benefits of a biodiverse wildflower garden. Heritage Meadowmat® really does take biodiversity to a whole new level. With over 20 beautiful wildflower species in the mix, you will be sure to see a varied and colourful display year after year.

  • Sedum Flat Roof Kit

    As Low As £44.96 incl VAT

    Bored with looking at plain old waterproofing? Our Enviromat® Sedum Green Roof kit for flat roofs can transform that dull surface into a penthouse for wildlife. Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post  on how to get started.

  • Sedum Pitched Roof Kit

    As Low As £33.44 incl VAT

    Take biodiversity to a different level with our Enviromat® Sedum Green Roof Kit for Pitched Roofs. Beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and just perfect for pollinators. Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post on how to get started.

Customers have told us they need a green roofing solution that is easy to install, instantly beautiful and simple to maintain. We now offer both solutions for extensive green roofs and lightweight retrofit kits designed for the commercial roofer and gardening enthusiasts. The sedum plants used in our pitched and flat roof kits are rich in pollen and nectar and so are a great food source for bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. A green roof can help a garden building blend in or transform it into an outstanding garden feature. Easy to install and maintain sedum will flower for a good six months of the year and maintain foliage all year round.

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