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Provide the perfect foundation for your landscaping project with our collection of garden substrates, soil and bark. If you’re relaying your lawn or building a biodiverse green roof, Turfonline is the destination for finding the ideal growing medium to help your plants flourish.

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All plants need a good base on which to grow. For a new lawn, this means good quality screened topsoil and at TurfOnline, we supply lawns with effective garden soils that get them off to a fine start. Our Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil is essential for establishing a wildflower area, while the MiracleGro Enriched Lawn Soil is a fine-tuned organic soil for top-dressing and repairs.

Elsewhere in our range, you can find our green roof substrate, which is made from lightweight recycled minerals and is perfect for laying the foundations of a roof garden. Its strong water retention, combined with its low-nutrient base, help plants grow to their full potential with enough care and attention.

Finally, our garden bark is the perfect decorative layer to add to your garden for up to six years. With their ability to suppress weeds and retain moisture, our bark mixtures are a neat contrast to use for borders and beds that also promote healthy plant growth. Browse this and more on TurfOnline’s store, and if you have any questions about using substrate, soils or bark, consult our Help Centre.

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