Britain’s best lawn – How to get the look

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britain's best lawn get the look

How do you get the look of Britain’s best lawn? Are you wanting your lawn to be lush and green? Turfonline’s tips on getting your lawn to the same standard as Britain’s Best Lawn. 

This month, the winner of Britain’s Best Lawn was announced. 74-year-old Stuart Grindle from Doncaster spends up to 30 hours a week tending his garden and describes his lawn as his “Pride and Joy”. While growing a lush green lawn in the UK can be difficult due to our unpredictable weather, Stuart has managed to give us some of his top tips on how to get the best lawn in your neighbourhood.

So how do you get your lawn looking as good and green as Stuart’s?

Here are some tips.

For the best lawn, start with the best quality turf or grass seed

There’s something eminently satisfying about renovating a weeding lawn and bringing it up to this sort of standard. But my goodness, it takes a very long time. And it’s backbreaking work. Growing and maintaining the best UK lawn is difficult but it is definitely worth it. 

For a lush green lawn that’s the envy of your neighbourhood, it’s cheaper to start from scratch with a new lawn using the best products you can afford.

Whether you are sowing grass seed on new turf or breathing some life into your lawn, click here to view our range of top-quality grass seed.

Get the surface “bowling green” flat

A level lawn is easier to mow short. Where there are bumps in a lawn the grass tends to be scalped by the mower. That weakens the plants and allows weeds to invade. Where there are dips, the grass will be slightly longer than in surrounding areas and it will be a darker colour. So levels are important.

To make sure that your lawn is the best in your street, topdressing in spring or autumn will help to keep the surface level and your grass nice and healthy.

Click here for the highest quality topdressing, topsoil and composts for levelling your lawn.

Choose the right type of grass for your garden

To get a lush green lawn you need to make sure you’re using the right grass. If your garden is shaded by trees or buildings. Choose shade-tolerant grass. If you and your family like to play or walk on the lawn, make sure the grass is hardwearing.

Don’t even attempt to grow a fine grass lawn unless you are prepared to mow daily, feed often and sacrifice holidays to spend time on lawn care.

Get familiar with lawn mower maintenance


Your mower is the key to having a beautiful lawn. Make sure the blades are balanced and razor sharp at all times. Either learn how to service your mower yourself or get to know your local repair shop. It needs to be as finely tuned as my Ferrari.(Sorry, not Ferrari. Fiesta. I can dream can’t I?)

Don’t skimp on the harder jobs

Looking for the greenest lawn in town? Then you’ll have to put your back into it. Scarifying, aeration and topdressing only need to be done once a year but they are essential healthcare for lawns. Actually, they’re more important for the health of the soil beneath the lawn. But without good soil, you won’t get good grass. It’s synergy.

There are machines that can help you do these jobs, and most hire shops have them. There are also landscapers and lawn care companies who can help out for a modest fee. You don’t need to exhaust yourself but you do need to include these things in your lawn care regime.

Mow regularly if you want the neighbourhood’s best lawn

How does Stuart get his famous luscious green lawn? Mows, mows and mows some more. In fact, Stuart mows his lawn twice a day, three times a week. That’s dedication. It’s also not possible for everyone. But it is mowing that keeps your lawn growing strongly (the plants want to replace what’s been taken away).

Mowing also corrects uneven growth – for example where there’s a patch of super-fertile soil under the lawn. If you get worn patches, mowing a pattern in the lawn can lead the eye away from “faults”.


Buy a mower  lawn feed
Buy a mower Buy lawn feed
Have a feeding regime and stick to it

All that mowing steals nutrients from the soil and affects the thickness of your lawn. Make sure you replace them with regular feeding. Choose a brand of lawn feed that you like and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Keep using that brand for the whole season – no swapping mid-spring for something that’s on offer in the garden centre. Dosage and frequency need to be consistent.

Mark in your diary when the lawn next needs feeding so you don’t forget to do it.

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