Dedicated Recycled Packaging

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dedicated recycled packaging

Dedicated Recycled Packaging : – February 2023. As our range of products continues to grow so our packaging needs have developed too. Whilst Jubilee Turf and Meadowmat Wildflower Turf will always come on a pallet sedum and wildflower plug plants need something slightly different. Something a little more delicate; a little more supportive and a little more engineered.

So, working with a dedicated supplier we have created some specialised, recycled packaging. It will hold individual plants securely, so they will sit and support each other and which will add strength to the box they will arrive in.

Made of second generation recycled plastic – 90% recycled PET – not only have they already been recycled from something else the packaging is 100% recyclable through kerbside or council recycling.

Buy wildflower plants Buy wildflower plants
Buy wildflower plants Buy wildflower plants


For our cardboard plant packaging we have developed a layered box with specific height layers that match the height of our plants.  Cardboard engineering is a real thing now as home delivery has become more popular but plants are not the easiest things to send through the post. Whilst a single sheet of cardboard has little strength adding a simple fold or two dramatically increases its strength for little additional weight or process complexity.

So, working with engineered cardboard and recycled plastic specialists means that there is a good chance your plants will arrive with you just as they left us.

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