Enviromat Quality Control Processes

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Quality Standards for Sedum Matting

Enviromat quality control processes – Apart from the FLL green roofing guidelines, there are no UK quality standards for sedum matting. Either for the home-grown product nor for imported vegetation blankets.

Because sedum matting is a natural product, quality can vary considerably between suppliers.

Enviromat has been grown in the UK since 1999. Since then we have listened to customers, learnt what they like and what they need. We then developed our own, stringent Enviromat quality control processes and standards.

We want your Enviromat to arrive in the best possible condition to give you the best possible results for your project.

Harvest and Dispatch

Enviromat is harvested by hand and each piece is checked for plant density, plant variety and overall quality before it is dispatched.

Our sedum matting is only ever harvested to order. It is always dispatched on the same day as harvest. Delivery is made the day after harvesting so that it is as fresh as possible when it gets to you.

If the weather is unsuitable for working with this natural product, either for harvesting or for installing, then we will talk to our customers and agree a more suitable time.

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Plant density

Enviromat is dispatched with at least 95% coverage of plants. This mean that your project looks good as soon as it’s finished. The plants’ roots also help to keep the growing medium in place during harvest, transportation and installation.

A good variety of sedum species

There are seven species of low growing sedum with a smattering of Meadow Saxifrage (a native wild flower) included in the Enviromat seed mix. Whilst we can’t guarantee that every species will be present in every piece of Enviromat sedum matting, our staff will always ensure that each consignment of Enviromat contains a good mix of species.

Tried and tested components

The geotextile matting that forms the basis of Enviromat sedum mat has been especially engineered to ensure that Enviromat will not disintegrate over time. That means that when this particular sedum matting is put onto a sloping surface the growing medium and the plants will never slide off. (provided our recommendations for installation and maintenance are followed)

Weeds in sedum matting

Enviromat is grown on a large scale in open fields. From time to time, weed seeds may blow in and germinate in the mats. Our production staff are very vigilant. Most weeds are either eliminated by the growing process or removed by hand before the sedum matting is dispatched.

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