Glasgow City Park Refurbisment

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glasgow city park

Glasgow City Park Refurbishment – We have supplied almost 4,000 square metres of turf (that’s just under 1 acre) to refurbish part of the Glasgow Green Park.

In early July, Glasgow Green hosted the Transmit music festival. A three day event with around 150,000 visitors in all. Not surprisingly, what began as a beautifully manicured area of grass, was looking rather worse for wear by time the celebrations came to an end.

Repairing the damaged lawn by aerating and over-seeding would have taken quite some time. So Glasgow City Council opted to re-turf. That way, this area of the park would be looking good and back in full use very quickly indeed.

Glasgow City Park – Planning and Implementing the Project

The first step in the proceedings – just like any large project was to make a plan.  Our man Mark Cockburn met with Paul Brannan from Glasgow City Council. The two of them visited Glasgow Green to discuss practical matters like time-scales, vehicle access and aftercare. Once the plan was put together.  Work began.

Following Mark’s advice to lay the turf as quickly as possible after it arrived, Paul arranged for 15 landscapers to be on site ready for the first delivery.  The 3,800 rolls of turf were delivered in four lorry loads by driver Bill Findlay.

Superb Customer Service Speeds the Work

Bill helped the team on site by using his forklift to place pallets of turf close to where they would be needed. That accelerated the installation by allowing the landscapers to get on with laying turf. It seems his help was much appreciated because we’ve had some terrific feedback about Bill from Glasgow City Council.




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