When should I water new turf?

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water new turf

When to water new turf – When new turf is laid in the garden, it must be managed and cared for regularly, as it is vital that it doesn’t dry out before it has rooted into your soil.

For a first-time turfer, there are bound to be some questions that you have that could make you worry about your new turf’s survival. How long should you water new turf after it is installed? How long can grass grow without water? What is the best time to water grass turf for the greatest chance at survival? We will answer these questions here in this comprehensive guide.

Watering New Turf

For the best results, water new turf daily for 2-4 weeks after it has been laid, and make sure the water filters through into the soil beneath it. In very hot weather, you may need to water more often. In wet weather, be sure to check that the soil beneath your new lawn is damp, as the rain may not be enough. If the soil dries out, turves may shrink and your lawn could die.

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Watering new turf – when is the best time?

Do not water daily. When you water your lawn daily then the grass roots become reliant and almost lazy. The roots won’t need to search deep in the soil for moisture and shallow roots lead to poor quality grass. We recommend watering your new lawn once a week for around an hour or so. In the middle of summer 1 square metre of lawn needs about 20-litres every seven days.

Why Does My New Turf Need Daily Watering?

Watering new turf is essential to its survival. Your new turf must never be allowed to dry out. Here’s why.

Grass is 85% water and it depends on that precious liquid for its very existence. In an established grass plant, the surface area of the roots is greater than the surface area of the leaves. But in freshly harvested turf, around 70% of the root mass is missing.

Every day, a grass plant loses water through its leaves (the plants’ equivalent of us exhaling and sweating). That water is replaced by the roots which draw food and water from deep in the soil. Your turf wants to do that, but during the harvesting process a large proportion of the root system was chopped off. Until new roots grow, your lawn will depend on you to make sure it has water within reach.

Depending on the time of year, newly-laid turf takes 2-4 weeks to regrow enough roots to be self-sufficient. If you are watering your turf in the summer then, depending on rainfall, watering twice a day for the first week, then 2-3 times a week after that until the turf has rooted.

water new turf

When to Water Your New Turf

Water as soon as you have laid your turf. For a large lawn, you might want to have the sprinkler working on a laid section while you are working on the next bit. You are encouraging roots to sink deep into the soil, so the top 10cm of soil needs to be wet.

It’s vital that you water your new turf every single day. Even if it rains you must check that the soil beneath your lawn is damp enough. On very hot days you may need to water more than once a day.

Best practice says that you should water either first thing in the morning or late in the evening. The reason for this is that the air is cooler and the water is less likely to evaporate away. In other words, most of the water will go down into the soil, not up into the sky.

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Watering new turf – how much water do I need?

The amount of water your new turf needs will vary according to the weather, your soil type and indeed the conditions in your garden. A garden that is exposed to wind and/or sun will probably dry out quicker than a sheltered spot.

For the first watering, after your turf has been laid, it pays to be generous with the watering. It’s OK to have puddles sitting on top of the lawn. The water will soon soak through.

For subsequent watering sessions, use your best judgement. As a rule of thumb it’s better to have too much than too little water. On the other hand continuous waterlogging will do more harm than good. Avoid having water sit on the surface for more than 10-15 minutes but do be sure the top 10cm of soil beneath your turf is good and damp within about 30 minutes of finishing the watering.

Within 3-4 days you’ll get a feel for what your lawn needs. We’re all more in tune with nature than we think!

What If I Don’t Give My New Turf Enough Water?

shrinkage causing gaps between turfs
          Classic symptoms of underwatering. Turves have shrunk and the grass is dying.

To begin with, the leaves and roots will lose bulk and each turf will shrink. All your hard work at making sure the edges are butted up close together will be wasted because the turves will shrink.

You may see the leaves at the edge of each turf turning yellow and then brown.  The grass in the middle of the turves will start to look patchy and unhealthy. Eventually the turf will die. In hot weather, unwatered turves can be completely dead within 48-72 hours.

Most turf suppliers will refuse to refund your money if turf dies through lack of water – so your investment will be lost.

Watering new turf – what to do if your turf looks dry

Water, water, water! If you start to see gaps between turves, don’t hold back! Water 2-3 times a day to re-wet the soil. If the grass does survive, you may need to fill in any gaps with enriched soil mixed with grass seed.

It’s far better to not let the lawn dry out in the first place. If you can’t do the watering, ask a neighbour to help or install an irrigation system with a timer attached.

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