How Much Does A Wildflower Meadow Cost?

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cost of a wildflower meadow

How much does a wildflower meadow cost – There is something truly beautiful about a wildflower meadow. Whether it is in full bloom, gone to seed or covered in a crispy white haw frost. My choice – every public park, roundabout, garden and rooftop would sport some sort of Species Rich Meadowmat to offset the damage that progress has done to our environment.

Establishing a wildflower meadow can be done in one of three ways, each carries a different set of costs.

How much does a wildflower meadow cost – 3 Ways To Grow A Meadow

Sowing wildflower seed is the least expensive in terms of money spent, but it is by far the most time consuming, frustrating and sometimes disappointing method.

Setting plug plants allows good control of the species used. But, depending on the species you choose, buying individual plants may not be cheap. But, it can take ages to set them one at a time and weeding can be an issue until the plants are fully established. Plug plants may also come complete with pots and packaging that have a cost to the environment.

Wildflower matting is admittedly more costly than seed and probably on a par with plug plants but guess what? You get plenty of plants per square metre and they won’t take long to plant . Not only that but any annual weed seeds lying dormant in the soil won’t be unable to germinate. So, no weeding ( provided you’ve prepared the ground properly before laying your Meadowmat).

Laying wildflower matting is easy and instant

Choosing Wildflower Matting And Save Money In The Long Run

ProLandscaper Magazine has compared the cost of wildflower seed vs wildflower turf. They looked at the first 3 years of the life of a wildflower meadow. The author used costs that would apply to a large area being cultivated and managed by professional landscapers. It would involve specialist equipment and access to selective herbicides to help them with weed control.

After 3 years, the cost of establishing and maintaining a seeded meadow was £21.20 per square metre…..with a failure rate of 50% . The equivalent meadow, created using wildflower turf or matting was £15.10 per square metre.

In your own garden, you can decide whether to spend a little money or a lot of time on establishing a meadow. The option is there to let someone else do the initial seeding and weeding for you or buying the pre-grown wildflower mats.

The choice is yours………..

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