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how to order topsoil

How to order topsoil – Topsoil is the gardener’s most precious resource. If yours needs improving, topping up or replacing, here’s how to order new supplies.

1: How to order – choose your topsoil

For general gardening, filling raised beds, growing fruit and veg or turfing, I can personally recommend Topsoil from from Turfonline. It’s bursting with nutrients, pretty much stone free and lovely to work with.

For growing wildflowers, go for a low nutrient topsoil. They don’t seem to thrive in rich soils.

For topdressing a lawn or improving soil in planters, the Evergreen lawn soil is spot on.

2: How to order – calculations

Measure the length and width of the area you want to add soil to. Then decide how deep you want the soil to be

For a raised bed – measure the depth from the bottom to the top

Mulching beds and borders – 10cm deep gives effective coverage

If you’re laying turf, you need at least 15cm depth of soil

For topdressing a lawn 5-6 cm should do it.

Once you have your measurements, convert them all into metres and multiply them together.

3: Order online, or phone your soil supplier

Turfonline are competitively priced and have proven customer service. We offer delivery on our products and can process your order quickly and easily.

Place your order via the secure Turfonline website.

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