How to prevent weeds in your new lawn

Imagine this. You’ve decided to replace your weed infested lawn with some lovely new turf. You work hard to prepare the soil and buy the best turf you can afford. For 2 weeks it looks beautiful. Then, just when you think you’ve cracked it you spot a dock leaf in the lawn, then another, and another and Grrrrrrr! After all that effort and expense, you’re back to square one. Can you imagine how you’d feel? How can you be sure that you can stop weeds from invading your new lawn?

If you’re replacing a lawn like this with some new turf, be sure to take precautions to ensure the weeds don’t re-appear.

You could kill the weeds with gyphosate before removing the old lawn, but if you don’t like chemical weedkillers or you can’t wait for them to work, weed control fabric is an excellent idea – and it’s a long term solution.

How do weeds get in your lawn?

There is no guaranteed solution to the problem of weeds in your lawn. But you can take preventitive measures.

Sometimes weed seeds are blown in on the wind. Sometimes they’re delivered by birds. If there are gaps between the grass plants these seeds will germinate and grow into plants.

Some of the nasty weeds though, like docks, plantains, thistles and nettles can be present in the soil underneath your lawn and they’ll push through the turf like ladies at a jumble sale. (Sorry girls, but we’ve all done it!)

Block weeds with landscaping fabric

Prevent weeds from pushing through your new turf by laying weed control fabric on top of your prepared soil.

This is especially important if you’re laying turf onto soil that has previously been infested with dandelions, nettles, docks, plantains or other perennial weeds that can regenerate from a fragment of root.

Simply prepare the soil as normal then, working from laying boards, spread a single layer of landscaping fabric on top of the soil. Your new turf can be laid directly onto the landscaping fabric and watered well.

The grass roots can push down through the fabric, but no plants can push up from beneath it.

  • For you, as a gardener that means
  • Reduced need for chemical weedkillers
  • Lawn stays weed-free for longer
  • Fabric can also be used under patios and decks

Where to buy Weed Control Landscaping Fabric

You can find weed control fabric in most garden centres and DIY shops, however be aware that the quality varies greatly between brands.

The weed control fabric available from Turf Online has been specifically designed for landscapers. It’s tough, robust and long lasting and has been endorsed by Kew Gardens.