Toadstools in new turf

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Have you spotted something strange growing in your new turf? It’s not unusual to see toadstools in new lawns, particularly in the autumn. In this article we’re taking a closer look at these fascinating organisms.

Toadstools in newly laid turf… “What are they?”

“I didn’t have toadstools in my old lawn so where did they come from?”

When the soil is being prepared ready for the new turf to be laid, buried organic debris is disturbed and bought up to the surface. The spores are triggered causing a flush of toadstools in particular conditions i.e. humid or mild and wet.

Eventually, when the supply of nutrient in the soil is depleted the fungus dies out, no more toadstools are produced. Invariably they do not recur in the year following laying.

“Do they damage the turf?”

No, the fungus is not a ‘disease’ and is quite distinct from those fungi which cause ‘fairy rings’ in turf. In fact as they are breaking down dead material they are beneficial to your lawn.

“Are they poisonous to children and pets?”

The small brown toadstools which occur most frequently in new turf are not poisonous. However, please don’t eat them unless they’ve been identified by an expert.

“Can the toadstools be controlled?”

There is no spray to control toadstools in new turf. But honestly, you don’t need chemicals. A quick brush with a stiff broom and they’ll soon disappear. Alternatively, run over them with the mower (grass box on!).

The Turfonline Team have been growing and supplying lawn turf for over 5 decades. In our experience that flush of small brown toadstools which appears in the first season, just doesn’t come back. You may see the occasional toadstool during the lifetime of your lawn – but hey – that’s nature. Toadstools are just a sign that your lawn is totally natural and that the soil is healthy.

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