Lets Build A Garden – Your Inspiration

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Lets Build A Garden – Your Inspiration.

If you’re building a garden – what will be your inspiration? Everything flows from inspiration. Maybe, you have looked at your garden, window box or courtyard and already decided what you have and what you are keeping? Perhaps, it would make sense to take a little time to think about what inspires you? Who or what will drive the design of your garden? Perhaps there are bits of the garden you have to leave and bits that must go. Its time to think about inspiration. Who, or what will inspire your build?

Lets Build A Garden – Your Inspiration

So, where will the inspiration for building your garden come from – do you have specific ideas or problem areas you want to address? Perhaps you have gardening heroes or a particular style to emulate? Despite the challenges, together it can happen. Maybe there are areas of worn grass or old plants that need replacing. Perhaps your trees and shrubs have dead branches or worse. Perhaps some of the boundaries are crumbling. What do you need to get rid of ? What are your children looking for from a garden?

How can you get your children engaged?

Perhaps your inspiration comes from how your children use the garden now? Maybe in the future your needs and their needs may change. Perhaps there is a way to build your garden between now and then…? Maybe its time to think about what you might need in a few years’ time. Do you need to think about your mobility?

Let’s Build A Garden – What are you trying to achieve?

So, what about raised beds? Maybe you have always wanted a Weeping Willow or a pergola. Are there particular things that are you want to achieve? Maybe, being as green as you can be is important. Perhaps water is scarce and therefore water conservation is important? Maybe you are limited by how much time and effort you can allocate to looking after the garden and what about wildlife? Maybe bringing birds and insects into your garden is the most important principle. Time can be in short supply. Nevertheless, we can make a start.

Lets Build A Garden – What about your children?

So, can you check in with your children and ask them to list what they would like. Maybe its possible to ask them what they want? Perhaps everyone could think about what might be possible and what might be a little more difficult. Maybe you are working with your parents, friends or colleagues – what are they looking for? Despite the complications can you see a way forward?

What are your favourite gardens or elements within a garden?

So, what type of garden are you aiming for? Maybe a water garden? Or maybe just a water feature? The buildings that you have will frame your garden and create shade. Perhaps you are after a new store or shed; gazebo or pergola; summer house or an outside office. Perhaps, some buildings must stay or are you planning to build any new ones? However you plan to change your garden it can only better, surely. And what about a green roof Perhaps that would be too much ? Despite how complicated they may appear we can help with a step by step guide.

Let’s Build A Garden – Homework

So, to get started try and create a mood board for homework. This can be either online or as a hardcopy. Ideally this can include pictures and garden ideas that you like, and that you would like to adopt in your garden. But it can be anything you want it to be. Perhaps examples of the plants you like, maybe actual material samples for chairs or even the Latin names of your favourite plants. Find pictures in magazines or images online. Search your own pictures and holiday images or gardens you have visited for inspiration.

Let’s Build A Garden – Get Creative

So let’s get creative if we can and try and think of the themes that could run through the garden. Maybe there are particular materials, species, colours or themes that can be adopted from other cultures, times or locations.


Today, the choice of materials has never been wider. But, sometimes that makes it harder. Whether it is soil, plants, green roofs, decking or hard landscaping. Choice is everywhere and there are huge possibilities for beds, water features, rockeries and buildings. And that’s if you are staying conventional. Despite this huge range of choice it will get easier.

However, using your imagination can open up all sorts of possibilities. Moreover, scale needn’t be a factor – miniature gardens and Japanese bonsai are just two examples of something a little different.


So, we would love to see your ideas and your images and the sources of your inspiration.

Please send them to: [email protected].

To help here are some other resources to help with your ideas:

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