The lowdown on topsoil delivery

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This blogpost tells you all you need to know about topsoil delivery from product quality to delivery details.

What’s involved in a topsoil delivery?

The gardening season pretty much over, so keen gardeners all over the country are making plans for next year.

New topsoil is a great way to boost your soil quality, especially if your existing soil is of poor quality.

Topsoil brings some fantastic benefits. Firstly, plants love the nutrients and organic matter in topsoil. Both will help enrich the soil. Secondly, these make it a great partner for bedding, borders, raised beds or as a base for a new lawn..

Buy the best quality you can afford

The easiest way to get new topsoil into your garden is to get it delivered. The Turf Online Team offer a no-fuss way to get premium quality topsoil delivered. The price is good too!

Our topsoil comes in a dumpy bag (like the ones you see builders’ merchants) containing 0.72m³ of topsoil. Our topsoil is Grade 1. Only 2.5% of topsoil in the country is Grade 1, so you can be sure you’re getting a very fertile, organic soil.

Avoiding topsoil delivery problems

When you’re ready to place your order, let us know if there are any sort of parking restrictions or height/access issues that could affect your delivery. We will pass that on to our driver and make delivery quick and easy for everyone. We have a range of lorries to choose from, giving you the most appropriate vehicle for your location.

On the day of your delivery, our pallet courier will arrive at your home, and unload your bag or bags of topsoil. They’ll be sitting on a pallet, to make manoeuvring them as easy as possible. Then, your courier will pull each pallet into position on a manual trolley – no mechanics or forklift trucks here! So, just direct the courier to a flat surface where you want your pallet to sit. A driveway or paved area is ideal. Gravel, slopes and lawn are not suitable for a pallet, as some deliveries can weigh up to 1,000kg.

Reuse and Recycle

After we’ve left, and you’ve used up all your topsoil, please keep the wooden pallet. They make excellent firewood for log burners.

We’re sure you’ll love our topsoil. It’s the perfect partner for our turf.

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