September Wild Flowers

Many of the wild flowers in Meadowmat are found on our farms in Norfolk and Northamptonshire, where they grow wild in margins, hedgerows and verges.

Birds foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatis) can be found in the verges of our farm tracks and grassy areas. The yellow flowers are very distinctive and are seen from June till September. The fruit cluster is said to resemble a birds foot – hence the name ! Another old English name for this plant is Bacon and Eggs.

Knapweed (Centaurea nigra) is a very common sight in field corners, track edges and margins. The beautiful flowers are very popular with bees and are seen from June till September. The flowerhead can be confused with a thistle from a distance – but Knapweed is easily distinguished as the leaves are smooth narrow and pointed.

Field Scabius (Knautia arvensis) is found in only a few areas where the soil has very low nutrition. It is found on some of our land next to old Iron ore quarries, where the soil is quite poor and free draining. The flowerhead is a collection of tubular florets and are very distinctive, seen from July till September.  The juice and roots of this plant were once used to treat scabies and other skin disorders !

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