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Meadowmat Cottage Garden

Our Cottage Garden Meadowmat is just one of a number of eight different Meadowmat types designed to make gardening easier.  Meadowmat is a pre-grown mat of young plants that can be simply placed onto prepared soil. You get instant ground cover. The plants’ roots are not disturbed or damaged by being transplanted, they soon start to grow strongly.

If you love traditional cottage garden planting, with butterflies and bees and with little deadheading or weeding to be done, Cottage Garden Meadowmat is the perfect choice for you. We have blended our favourite wildflowers with a couple of modern plant varieties to create a garden meadow turf that flowers from early spring right through to late summer. There are some beautiful subtle colours with some bright splashes of red, yellow and purple. All of the plants in our seed mix are attractive to bees and butterflies.

Where To Use Cottage Garden Meadowmat

Cottage Garden Meadowmat likes to grow in sunny places where the soil is well drained but not too rich. Perfect for borders, island beds and raised planters, Cottage Garden Meadowmat looks equally great beside mown grass paths, near water or in contemporary planting plans.

Planting spring or summer flowering bulbs and then laying Meadowmat on top of them would extend the flowering period and bring even more authenticity to your cottage garden plot.

What Plants Are In Cottage Garden Meadowmat?

There are 32 species of herbaceous perennial plants in Cottage Garden Meadowmat. 80% of them are native to the UK, the other 20% are closely related to British wildflowers.

Two of our most beautiful native grasses appear in the seed-mix. They provide a nice contrast to the flowering plants and lend density and texture to the mix. Grasses make up 5% off the seed mix by weight.

Species and proportions may vary depending on weather conditions and availability of seed. Once Meadowmat has established in your garden, the species mix will adapt to it’s new environment and you may find that your cottage garden borders will look delightfully different from year to year.

Meadowmat Cottage Garden Meadowmat Low Fertility Soil
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How To Care For Cottage Garden Meadowmat

The beauty of Cottage Garden Meadowmat is that it needs very little maintenance. Provided that it’s been properly installed in the right conditions (poor soil, sunny spot) it’s very mild-mannered. All you need to do is let it grow and flower unchecked from late March onwards. When the flowers have finished blooming and the plants have set seed, cut the Meadowmat down to about 10 cm high and remove all of the clippings. It will look a bit dry and brown for a couple of weeks but will soon start to green up. Throughout autumn and winter, keep the area neat by mowing once or twice with the mower on its highest setting. Try to avoid cutting it shorter than 10cm because you risk damaging the flowering plants.

What Other Types Of Meadowmat Are Available?

Cottage Garden Meadowmat is not the only variety available. Feel free to mix-and-match with other varieties to bring even more interest into your garden. We also grow a mixture that is tailored to support birds and bees, one that is just like a traditional wildflower meadow and a shade tolerant version which is just right for growing in an orchard or at the base of a hedge. Meadowmat Heritage makes a beautiful living green roof for sheds, garages, extensions etc.

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