Birds In Decline

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birds in decline

Our birds are in decline. Recent studies have shown that the numbers of some of our most endangered species including house sparrows and bullfinches, have fallen further over the past year.

The Big Garden Bird Watch happens every January. On the last weekend of the month participants sit for an hour and count the number of each species they see. Regrettably, the BGW has shown that several of our favourite species are declining at alarming rates.

The house sparrow has fallen by 17% compared to last year. Bullfinches and green finches fell by 20% and 21% respectively.

The harsh conditions occurring in the British countryside have driven birds to find food and shelter in our gardens, which now make up around 4% of the UK’s land area.

The importance of our gardens is clear. We can all play a part in making them more welcoming and supportive for birds and other wildlife.

Urban and suburban areas have shown rapid decline. But, we can make our gardens more welcoming by using less hard landscaping and including ‘wild areas’ in our gardens. Meadowmat is designed to do just that. Wild flowers attract small insects and moths which in turn help feed birds.

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