Topsoil for laying a lawn

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topsoil for laying a lawn

Answers to Questions such as “Do you really need to buy extra topsoil for turfing? and  “What is the best type of topsoil for laying a lawn?”.

Do I need extra topsoil for laying a lawn?

If your garden soil meets all of the following conditions then no, you probably don’t need to import new topsoil;

  • Free from large stones and debris
  • Not at all prone to waterlogging
  • Doesn’t dry out too quickly in summer
  • Rich in plant nutrients
  • Easy to work into a texture like crumble topping
  • At least 15cm deep (preferably deeper)
  • Reasonably level.

If on the other hand your garden soil is shallow, sandy, sticky, stony or very uneven, bringing in topsoil before you lay turf is a sensible investment.

What sort of topsoil is best for turfing?

It’s always best to buy topsoil from a reputable supplier.  Soil for sale varies in quality.  Some of it is beautiful, some is awful.

Soil for putting under family lawn needs to be tip top.  Once the turf is down, it’s very difficult to improve the soil and you certainly can’t replace it easily.  Yet the quality of the soil will determine the quality of the lawn for a great many years to come.  So choose wisely.

Here are some tips.

  • Buy the best quality topsoil you can afford
  • Make sure it’s a good blend of organic material and mineral based topsoil
  • Look for screened topsoil – that way it won’t have any big lumps in it
  • If you can get grade 1 soil then do so, you won’t regret it.

Products that can help…


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Where to buy topsoil for turfing

Buying soil from a turf grower makes complete sense.  These people put a lot of time and effort into growing their turf.  They want you to carry on their good work in looking after their plants.  Turf growers know what their grass needs and they can help you find the right products.

This nutrient-rich screened topsoil from Turfonline is just the ticket if you’re needing to enrich your current soil or do some levelling before laying your turf.

It’s easy to handle, comes in a bulk bag (no piles of dirt on your driveway!) and because they sell lots of it, it’s reasonably priced too.

Find out more here

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