The creative uses for a green roof that architects and developers come up with never cease to amaze.

With the rise in popularity of green roof installation and its on-trend appeal thanks to its eco credentials, the following examples show just how varied the uses of such roofs can be.

Animal Housing

World famous Chester Zoo, renowned for its ethos of sustainability and ecology, chose to place a living roof – covered with plants and vegetation – on its flamingo house. The zoo chose this sedum roof – which also includes sempervivum, arabis, campanula, dianthus, saxifrages and a range of grasses – because it was felt a green roof would help to reduce the loss in heat and the consumption of energy.

This particular green roof installation was designed with the needs of the zoo keepers in mind, according to Chester Zoo. So, in the case of the flamingo house, the sedum roof keeps the temperature inside just above freezing, which means that little heating is needed. The fact that a sedum roof is great for creating microclimates that allow insects and bird life to flourish dovetails nicely with the zoo’s own ethos of sustainability.

Your own pets can also benefit from a living green roof.

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Meanwhile, some UK breweries keen to boost their green credentials are turning to green roof installation.

One such company is Devon’s Otter Brewery. It has installed a sedum roof because it effectively and efficiently insulates the brewery’s cellar, and also collects rainwater which runs off and is then put to good eco use in washing casks and brewery vehicles.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) reports that many breweries are going down the green route in a bid to protect the environment.

Living green roof at Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk


The use of a sedum roof is central to Exeter-based rustic furniture company Chunky Monkey’s planning application to extend its eco premises in the Devon city.

The application, which was given approval by planners in August (2015), will significantly extend and develop its current premises. Chunky Monkey makes rustic furniture from reclaimed timber.

These three examples show the variety of organisations that are increasingly turning to green roof installation to not only improve their own ecological standing, but also to create modern-looking, talking-point buildings.

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