What does a new lawn cost?

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What does a new lawn cost? Planning a new lawn? Naturally, its a good idea to have an idea of the cost before you embark on the project. So….

How much does a new lawn cost?

A turf project will include turf, topsoil, laying boards and any extra tools like sprinklers and turf cutting tools. We offer four different types of turf, that suit a variety of different uses and requirements.

  • Jubilee
  • Garden Lawn
  • Species Rich
  • Wildflower Turf

How much turf will I need?

The first step is to take some accurate measurements of the area to be turfed. Our turf is supplied in square metres so measure your area in metres, then crucially add 5% to cover any twiddly bits.




When you calculate your turf requirements, it’s best to follow these 3 steps.

  1. Mark out the area. Look at it from above and tweak the size and shape until you’re happy with it.
  2. Measure each of the sides. Use a laser measure or a tape and check everything carefully. If your lawn is to be a circle, measure the widest point. If it’s a triangle, measure the longest side and then measure from the point to the longest side. Do it twice so that you can check the measurements are accurate.
  3. Make all your measurements in the same units. preferably all centimetres or metres. Don’t try to mix and match – it doesn’t work.

How can I calculate the area correctly?

Not everyone is a whizz at maths, I’m certainly not.

On this website – we can calculate the total amount of turf for you – whether your garden is square, rectangular or circular. The video above will also help to show where to measure and how to calculate.

Here on Turfonline, 1 roll of turf covers 1 square metre.  Other retailers may offer different sized turfs – so check first before you place your order.

For a square or rectangular lawn, multiply the length of the lawn by its width.

For example, if your new lawn is to be 14 metres long by 4 metres wide, you will need enough turf to cover 14 x4 = 56 square metres.

In Turfonline terms that’s 56 rolls.  If I were you, I’d order 60 rolls, just in case there’s some wastage when you trim the pieces to size.

This image shows you how to calculate the area of a rectangular, circular, triangular or odd shaped lawn.

turf cpst calculator

What does a new lawn cost – Pricing your turf

Here on this website – every turf page will work out the cost of your turf. All you need to know is the size of your lawn and where you want it delivered.

When you are comparing prices, make sure you compare like for like and ensure all VAT and delivery charges are included in the final price.

Products that can help ….

hose vivid green

What will a new lawn cost – Get a Quick Quote

We also have “Quick Quote” on this website – just click on the top right hand corner – “Quick Quote” – this will open up a new window where you can add the quantity you want, where you want it delivered and get a good idea of what it will cost.

Then add an extra 5% to allow for wastage. Believe me, it’s worth doing. It’ll cost a lot more to organise a second delivery for just a few rolls to complete the project.

Select your turf by clicking on the button and then you’ll be asked to add in your postcode and preferred delivery date. Once that’s done, you’ll be shown delivery options.

Think about the extra tools and equipment you might need for your project – if your soil is poor include some topsoil. I can personally recommend the laying boards (I use mine for all sorts of jobs in the garden) and the preturfing fertiliser to get your lawn off to a good start.

More information

Seeding vs Turfing. 

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