How much does topsoil cost?

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cost of topsoil

How much does topsoil cost? March 2023 – When applying new topsoil to your garden project, getting the best value for your money is often at the top of the agenda. However, doing so requires a little bit of insider knowledge to avoid overspending on too many bags. So, here is our guide to getting the best value for your topsoil endeavours.

The first thing you need to know is how many litres are in a tonne of topsoil. There are around 900 litres of soil in a tonne, but this can vary depending on how tightly a bag of topsoil is packed.

How to avoid wasting money when buying topsoil

To start, measure the area carefully. Use a tape measure to do this, don’t guess. It’s hardly an exact science, but you do want some level of accuracy here.


square metres how much topsoil or turf


Take all measurements in metres, and just to be sure, measure everything twice to double-check. If you are measuring in centimetres and converting into metres, be careful where you get the decimal point in to prevent potential hiccups in the coming steps.

Use this handy soil calculator to work out the amount of soil you need.

If you’re filling planters and containers, it’s more obvious how much soil you’ll need, and likewise for wildflowers. For wildflower turfs and areas, you need at least a 15cm depth of low-nutrient soil to further establish the area. Do not mix low-nutrient soil with existing garden soil, as wildflowers will not thrive this way. Nevertheless, if you’re laying turf, you can bring in extra topsoil to improve the soil you have instead of replacing the whole lot.

For turfing, you need at least 15cm of good quality soil for the turf to root into. You can mix high-quality soil with existing garden soil and add in some water retaining gel and some pre-turfing fertiliser, like our Rapid Roots pre-turfing feed, to bolster it further. At TurfOnline, we have a preferred mix of 2 parts of imported topsoil for every 1 part of existing soil.


pulsating sprinkler topsoil pre turfing lawn feed
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Don’t skimp on quality

If you’re laying turf or planning on growing food and flowers, poor-quality topsoil will give you disappointing results. It’s always wise to buy the best you can afford, TurfOnline’s nutrient-rich topsoil, for instance, will rake out to a smooth surface ready for new turf.

How much does topsoil cost?

As a rule, 1 cubic metre of topsoil equals 1 dumpy bag or 1 tonne.

If you need more than 15 tonnes of topsoil, think about buying in bulk. You’ll have a huge heap of soil on your driveway, but you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

For smaller quantities, dumpy bags represent the best value.

Unfortunately, delivering heavy items like bags of topsoil is expensive, so you may find that the total cost could be quite high. However, if you compare prices across turf suppliers, you’ll find that it is the same across the board and can’t really be avoided. If you need topsoil, you need topsoil.

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