Why choose Kress?

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Why choose Kress – “If you’ve been waiting to go electric, now is the time. With Kress, same power, fast recharge, cheaper to run”

Kress has only ever focussed on battery electric tools. Their tools have been designed to be electric from the outset with purpose-built motors known for durability and quality.
If you have been putting off the switch to electric – now is the time with Kress. Whether its cutting, sawing, mowing or pruning you can charge quickly and easily.
Unlike traditional brands that are adding cordless models to their core ranges Kress has been manufacturing electric motors exclusively for almost a century. Not only do Kress tools rival traditional petrol-operated equipment in terms of power, but they can also dramatically reduce operating costs and carbon footprint

As a national distributor for Kress we can offer both the  20v range and the 40v range. Kress offer a dedicated battery electric solution where efficiency is key, but efficiency with quiet and effective operation. Kress means an eco-friendly solution for every garden task – mowing, strimming, pruning, edging and pressure washing. All with fast charging – 8 minutes – and fast turnaround.


Kress Mower

Kress – the only choice to replace petrol powered tools.

This makes Kress the only choice to replace petrol-powered tools. Each battery is guaranteed for 3000 cycles, more than any comparable competition.

Harrowden is offering a great selection of tools at 20v and 40v with outstanding power and with a market-leading warranty (If you register your product – 5+3 years). Adopting and utilising the latest technology means fewer batteries over time,  fewer chargers over time and greater savings over time.

Greater savings with higher efficiency and comparable  power, that’s the Kress offer from Harrowden.



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