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Choose Turfonline topsoil –  “I think the answer lies in the soil” was a catchphrase used by a BBC gardener many years ago. How true these words are. Because when it comes to the quality of living plants, it is the soil which sustains them.

Our topsoil is of the highest quality, carefully produced, free draining and fertile. As leading UK turf suppliers, we know that topsoil is essential to a healthy lawn. So our topsoil is classed as grade 1. Not only are our bulk bags of topsoil screened to 20mm; but our range of smaller bags of Lawn Soil can be used to improve existing soil or as a high-quality top dressing. Finally, our topsoil can be used to brush into cracks to help retain moisture and prevent shrinkage. This will strengthen the overall health of your garden and improve the quality of your turf.


Buy topsoil
Buy topsoil

Understanding Soil Quality

Soil qualities vary from place to place. The best and most versatile soil is defined as grade 1. Just 2.5% of UK soils are classed by DEFRA as grade 1. At Turfonline we produce high-quality turf on these soils. For our soil production, we re-process some of the organic matter from the turf production process to create some of the best topsoil available.

Which Soil is Best For Turfing?

So for turfing, choose Turfonline topsoil – our top quality screened loam classified as grade 1.  It is organic and highly fertile so it is ideal for blending with existing soil. This should increase fertility, moisture retention and drainage quality.

Finally, for MeadowMat we supply a screened sandy soil low in nutrients because the wildflowers prefer impoverished soils.

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