You are probably already aware that cultivating a garden meadow can bring a little beauty to your home, attract wildlife to your garden and provide a place for you to relax and enjoy nature. But did you know that it can also benefit your pets? If you own a dog or cat, investing in Meadowmat wildflower turf is a great way to give them somewhere to get in touch with their wild side.

A wildflower meadow – no matter how small or large – is a great place for your cat to practice hiding and hunting and other instinctive cat-like activities.  It’s like a feline gym!

Though dogs and cats have been domesticated by us humans, they have their roots in the natural world. So they enjoy spaces that make them feel like they are wild animals again. Creating a meadow in your garden using Meadowmat is a way that you can give them this space within the bounds of your own home.

How Cats and Dogs Use Wildflower Meadows

Cats are likely to use a garden meadow to play at hunting prey, as they would in the wild.

Rolo (front) and Jet belong to Meadowmat’s Production Manager and love nothing more than playing amongst the wildflowers

For dogs, the smell is the primary sense, so they are likely to be excited by all the new scents to be found in a small area of the meadow. The simple fact is that both species are likely to recognise a garden meadow as a more natural environment and will benefit psychologically from feeling that they have an area where they can behave more like wild animals.

Wildflowers contain more nutrients and minerals than commercially grown vegetables, which means that they’re an excellent food source for tortoises.  

Creating Wild Spaces In Urban Areas

If you live in a city or crowded town, it can be hard to find an area where you can walk your dog (or where your cat can go) that feels really natural. A small garden meadow isn’t a substitute for taking your dogs out for a walk, of course, but it can offer them something their lives might be missing at present. We humans often feel the need to be in green, slightly wild places – our pets are no different.

There are many reasons to invest in Meadowmat: it makes your garden more beautiful, it promotes biodiversity and it can have a soothing, relaxing effect on you personally. The fact that it will also make your pets happy is just one more reason to make the purchase. If you’re ready to start cultivating your own garden meadow and experience its benefits for yourself, get in touch with us today!