Harrowden Turf supports plan for “The Secret Garden”. Harrowden Turf is pleased to announce today our support for “The Secret Garden” – a fantastic initiative being undertaken by Leicester’s Hospitals. The plan is to create a garden oasis for hospital staff, visitors and partners from the Leicester Hospitals region.

Joining an extensive team including Bowmer and Kirkland and McDermotts as well as a host of volunteers the project is being developed in phases to provide different value in support of a very diverse range of needs.

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Let’s Build A Garden – Planting. So, it would seem that we have reached the key guide on planting at a very opportune time. Garden centres may be opening later this week so if you have been scheduling your “lets build a garden” project week by week we should just about be ready.


So, planting – sounds easy. Everything is ready, the hard landscaping is done, the beds are all beautifully raked and you have a clear plan for what’s going where.

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Let’s Build A Garden – Preparation. There is a long-standing proverb about proper preparation. It can make the difference between a good job and an exceptional one. This is as applicable to garden planning as anywhere else. The time you put in now will make a difference.

Soil needs to be a light tilth (weird word), free of stones, clods of earth and raked so roots have a great chance to establish themselves and don’t have to struggle to find their way through the soil. Taking the time to dig in fertilizer, to establish the nutrients your soil needs and to clear debris will pay back.

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So, Lets Build A Garden Hard Landscaping & Project Management. After an audit, a plan, a design and construction plan its now all about the structure of the garden. The hard landscaping to be done first.


So, what you can do yourself and where would some help would be a good idea? Think about the your skills, your experience and the time it will take you to complete the tasks you have planned. More importantly, think about the skills you don’t have and will need to buy in.

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Week 4 Construction Pack

Lets Build A Garden – Construction. So far – audit, inspiration, design and brief creation. Now – the construction pack. What are you actually going to need to build a garden?

Hence the construction pack:

All the things you will need for a major garden project. From topsoil, turf boards and turf. But it may be wildflower turf or a new green roof. For hard areas you may be looking at composite or treated decking and then there is the fertilizer to make it grow and the tools to make it a bit easier – gloves, secateurs, loppers, trowel, spade, garden fork, fencing and a good rake.

For watering and breaking up the soil you will need a hoe, garden hose, watering can, wheelbarrow, seeds or young plants plus the compost and mulch to give them a good start.

Then there is the soil-tilling equipment and hard landscaping materials.

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Let’s Build A Garden”- Introduction. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is driving all sorts of changes for all of us.

To help those self-isolating, working from home, looking after children or feeling vulnerable “Let’s Build A Garden” is a social media and e-communications campaign designed to encourage the sharing of ideas, the creation of resources and the practice of building a garden whether you do it with your children, your parents or just for you.

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It’s not unusual to find mushrooms and toadstools in your lawn during mild wet weather. It needn’t be a worry though. In this blog we cover everything you need to know about lawn mushrooms and how to get rid of them.

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