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Always order enough…and then some – With the season on the point of kicking off – although there was snow this morning – we have had a spate of enquiries and orders for turf and wildflower turf. This is a good thing, but I think I should add in a bit of advice.

Firstly, please, please, please measure very carefully. Make sure that you have added in at least 5% extra to cover all the edges and extra bits that you will need. Our website has a turf calculator to help you work out exactly how much you will need.


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BUT, and it’s a big BUT – please remember that it is always better to have some turf left over rather than having to order more. Our turf is delivered on pallets so having to order extra turf as a new order will mean new harvest, new transport and a new delivery cost. Adding an extra roll of turf to your order to make sure you have enough is always going to be cheaper than having to order more. Adding an extra roll is always going to be more cost-effective.

Otherwise, all the usual rules apply – please lay your turf on the day it arrives. If you’re working with wildflower turf, it’s a lot easier with two people and please focus on watering once your turf is down. We can help with all of these – there are tools here on the website to help along with advice on looking after your new lawn or Meadowmat wildflower meadow.

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