The best turf for a family lawn

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family lawn

A family lawn needs to cope with rough and tumble but still look good.  Which turf is most suitable for children, dogs and budget restraints?

No matter whether you are creating a family lawn in your back garden or a bowling green for the community; the first two questions you should be asking yourself when buying turf are

  1. What will the lawn be used for?
  2. What’s my budget?

If the answer to question 1, is “I need a family lawn”.  Then you need a turf that is soft enough to sit on (or fall on) and tough enough to play games on.

Maintenance requirements for a family lawn

In my experience, families tend to be time consuming.  Which means you might have limited time to spend on lawn maintenance.  So an easy-going, disease resistant turf is a must.

Fast establishment is important too when choosing turf.  No family wants to sit indoors for weeks waiting for the turf to bed in.  They want to be using their lawn as soon as they possibly can.

Of course, once you get started, watering your garden is the most essential part of maintaining its health, and TurfOnline has a range of sprinklers and hosepipes to ensure this is taken care of thoroughly.

Choosing a turf to suit your family’s budget

Turfonline is a family run business.  So we realise what families cost to maintain. That’s why we offer two grades of turf that are suitable for a family lawn.


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Jubilee turf
  • Hardwearing
  • Contains ryegrass for durability and strength
  • Contains fescue grasses for that velvety texture
  • Matured in the field for 12-18 months for maximum roll strength
  • Very good looking. Nice, even texture and deep green colour
  • Quick to establish
  • A lawn to be proud of
  • Prices start from £3.00* per square metre (including VAT) for 55m2 or more
Garden Lawn Turf
  • Makes a tough lawn, ideal for dogs or children
  • Contains ryegrass – easy to care for
  • Contains fescues for a nice soft texture
  • Matured in the field for 10-12 months. Younger than Jubilee turf and may be more tender to handle.
  • Not always at TGA standard so may sometimes have slight irregularities in colour
  • Robust and quick to establish
  • A good, practical, no-frills family-friendly lawn
  • Priced from £2.70* per square metre (including VAT) for 55m2 or more
Recommendations for family lawn turf

I’m a Granny and a dog-owner who rather likes gardening.  I’ve worked in the turf growing industry for over 20 years.  Have seen turf being grown, harvested and laid in gardens. And I’ve seen how different grades establish themselves and how they react to wear and tear.

Personally, I prefer the appearance and the handling qualities of the Jubilee turf.  That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with Garden Lawn Turf, not in the least.  It’s a good, sensible turf.  No fuss, no frills, easy going and ideal for energetic children and dogs.  However, it can be a little more tricky to lay (I’m too impatient for messing about when things don’t go smoothly).

Either turf is great for a family lawn.

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