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How to Edge a Pond with Sedum Mat

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sedum pond edging

Using sedum mat to hide a pond liner

How to edge a pond – If you’re looking to hide the edges of your pond, a sedum mat is a great place to start. Sedum mat is most often associated with green roofing, but it also makes a fabulous edging for a pond.

The edge of a pond liner or the “lip” around a preformed pond can look quite unsightly, especially if you are trying to create a natural-looking water feature.

At the 2013 Letchworth Food and Garden Show, Maxine Tricker designed a show garden using a preformed pond disguised with Enviromat sedum matting. For this project, she was assisted by Noodles, the Hungarian Puli.


Noodles checks the quality of the sedum mat.  She’s  particularly impressed by the texture.

Maxine cuts the sedum matting to size before constructing the show garden

Newly installed sedum matting around a pond.  This will grow and flower through the summer

There are a number of advantages to hiding the edge of your preformed pond. It will make your feature look more natural and the liner will last longer when it’s not exposed to the elements.

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