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Are you about to install a new lawn? Perhaps you’re deciding whether to opt for our Jubilee lawn turf or regular garden turf, and wondering about the total cost difference. Our project quote helps you to work out the total cost of materials at any time of the day or night.

A new lawn is an investment and congratulations if you’ve opted to install natural turf instead of artificial. You’ve made a good decision.

The next stage of the process is to get some costs. And for that, you need a project quote.

The very first thing you need to know before you can get an idea of the cost of materials is the size of the area to be turfed. You also need to think about whether or not you’ll need extra topsoil, pre-turfing fertiliser (advised) and any equipment such as landscaping rakes, wheelbarrows or turf laying boards.


calculating turf area for project quote

How to calculate the amount of turf you’ll need

Calculating the size of an area for turf involves a bit of measuring and a simple sum. First, measure the length and breadth of the area you want to turf. Make sure your “answers” are in metres. If the area is circular, measure it at its widest point – the diameter.

Log on to and click on the link for the project quote. Type your measurements into the boxes and straight away you’ll see how many square metres of turf you’ll need for your project. There’s a small box that asks if you’d like to add 5% to cover any wastage. I strongly advise that you do choose that option as insurance. There’s nothing worse than being 3 rolls short at the end of the job.

If your lawn is neither square, rectangular or circular. You’ll need to do the maths the old-fashioned way.

Do you need any extra topsoil?

Some gardeners are lucky enough to have lovely deep soil in their gardens. Others have shallow or poor quality soil. If your soil is more than 15cm deep and if you can squeeze a handful of it into a ball that will hold its shape but crumble when poked….then you don’t need to order extra topsoil. Unless of course, you plan to raise the level of your lawn.

If the natural soil is shallow, or it’s prone to either waterlogging or drought, then please do consider mixing in some good quality topsoil to improve it.  It’s very hard to change soil properties once it’s covered by a lawn.

Calculate your topsoil requirements by multiplying the area to be covered by the depth of the soil required.

Turfonline’s project quote calculator will do that for you. All you need to do is select the depth of soil you want to add. The computer will do the rest.


Buy turf laying boards Buy pre-turfing fertiliser
Buy turf laying boards Buy pre-turfing feed
Will you need any tools or sundry items?

Most of us have (or can borrow) something to dig with so that you can prepare the soil. You will also need a rake – the wider the better and a way to water the newly laid turf.

Strongly recommended are turf laying boards and pre-turfing fertiliser. The first is to keep the levels right and protect the new grass. The second will speed up the establishment.

Again, Turfonline’s project quote can help you find prices and add items into your basket.  Don’t worry, you can take them out again if you change your mind.

Do you need help to prepare the soil and lay your turf?

You need the services of a reputable, well-trained landscaper. Go to the BALI website to find a trustworthy landscaping contractor near you.

Get your free project quote now

Get started with your turfing project. 

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