Garden design ideas using bark mulch

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bark mulch design

Bark mulch can be a key element within any garden design. It is one of those landscaping materials that we’ve all heard of but don’t necessarily know how to use.  Here are 5 ideas to inspire you.

Use Bark Mulch To Protect New Plants

Bulk mulch is one of the cheapest and easiest ways I know to protect new planting and keep it looking good.

In this picture we can see some young herbacious perennials carefully spaced in a new planting scheme.  These plants will eventually fill out and cover most of the soil. But until they do, a layer of bark mulch helps keep the soil damp.  It also supresses weeds so that whoever is caring for this garden has a lot less work to do.


bark mulch in flower beds
Beautiful planting scheme has been carefully mulched with bark to conserve moisture and control weeds. This is Violets Garden. A project in Litchfield by Warwick-Taylor Landscapes
Using Bark Mulch For Paths

I “borrowed” this picture from Houzz simply because I love the concept.  Here we have a path leading between trees. In summer time its beautifully shady – so much so that few plants will want to grow there. So the clever landscape designer has used a combination of paving stones and bark mulch to make the sort of path you can’t resist exploring.  I don’t know about you, but I want to follow this path and see where it goes.


An Outdoor Terrace Using Bark Mulch

This combination of paving slabs and bark mulch really appeals to me. Probably because there are no sharp divisions between patio and planting. It all merges into one. I like the symmetry buy I also like the softness.


Bark Mulch and Raised Beds

I’ve adapted this idea for my own garden – but right now it’s not looking smart enough to take pictures for you.

I love the adaptability of my garden.  I’ve cared for it for 30+ years and in that time it has changed again and again.  First there were no children and no dogs, then there were babies, then toddlers and dogs, then teenagers, no children then grandchildren – you get my drift.

So when I make changes, I don’t expect them to be permanent and I don’t want them to be expensive.

At the moment I’m growing veg in a polytunnel surrounded by raised beds.  The whole area is mulched.  It’s easy to walk on in all weathers, I can wheel my wheelbarrow across it, the grandchildren love loading it into their toy tractors. And when I’m too old to grow veg, it won’t cost a fortune to change the way I use that area.

Bark Mulch to Save Bumps and Scrapes
This is where bark mulch really comes into it’s own.  Play grade bark is clean, it’s bouncy and if you fall on it you won’t get badly hurt.  Ideal then for use underneath swings, slides, treehouses etc.
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Where To Buy Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch is bulky. So if you’re doing a project of any size, it’s well worth having it delivered to your house in those big builders bags.

Turfonline has its own bulk bags as well as nuggets and bark from Heart of Eden.

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