There is a an increasing demand these days for builders, developers, architects, planners and local authorities to take the environment into consideration when undertaking a project. One solution that can have a genuinely positive impact on the local environment, especially if you are building or redeveloping in urban areas, is installing green roofing.

How green roofs help the urban environment

One significant benefit of green roofing is the reduction in rainwater run-off. Over the past few years, changes in the UK weather have led to increased rainfall and, as has been widely reported in the news, widespread flooding. In many urban areas, this is due to outdated drainage systems not having the capacity to handle the amount of water. Green roofing can reduce the amount of run-off by between 50% and 90%, enabling local drainage to work more effectively and prevent flooding.

Air and noise pollution are other environmental problems where green roofing can improve urban conditions. The vegetation on a green roof absorbs harmful emissions, including nitrates, and helps to filter particles of dust and smog from the air. It also removes carbon dioxide, replacing it with oxygen. Green roofing, particularly along the routes of major roads, can go a long way to improving the air quality and the health of those who live and travel through those areas. In addition, noise pollution is reduced because the green roofs insulate buildings from sound waves, reducing noise by up to 8 dB.

As the climate warms, those in urban areas are increasingly turning to air conditioning to keep their houses cool during the summer months. This is because urban areas absorb the heat more and have less air flow due to the buildings blocking off much of the cooling wind. Buildings with air conditioning exacerbate the situation by using more carbon based energy to control temperature and by pumping hot air back into the local area. Green roofing, however, can make a positive contribution to this environmental problem by cooling and humidifying the air, making it more comfortable and thus reducing the need for expensive solutions like air conditioning.

If you are a builder, developer, architect, planner or local authority looking for solutions to improve urban environments, we’d be more than happy to discuss how Enviromat can help you achieve your goals.  

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