Green roofs for garden buildings

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green roofs garden buildings

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at green roofs for garden buildings.

What are green roofs?

A green roof is a roof of a building that is partly or completely covered with vegetation, this is planted over a waterproofing membrane. Green roofs can serve many purposes for a building, such as absorbing rainwater, being a good use of insulation and creating a habitat for wildlife. A green roof also has a more aesthetically pleasing landscape than a regular roof would have. Green roofs are suitable for retrofit or redevelopment projects as well as new buildings and can be installed on small garages or larger industrial, commercial and municipal buildings.


sedum green roof shed

Why we offer the best green roofs for your garden buildings

At Turfonline we only use the best quality products for you, when looking for a green roof whether it’s for your garden office, shed, summerhouse or pergola you can trust that we have the right product for you at the best value for your money.

We use and highly recommend Enviromat when shopping for green roofs. Enviromat is living carpet of sedum plants for outdoor use. It is also one of the lowest maintenance of living garden products in the UK. Enviromat includes a varied mix of flowering sedum plants for all year round colour and texture. There is also no need for mowing or deadheading. As mentioned above Enviromat can help attract wildlife to a location and is also suitable for numerous applications such as planters, roofs for sheds/summerhouses/stables, pond surrounds and topiary.

Enviromat is used by architects, garden designers and green roof specialists to create beautiful green roofs but in a quick and easy way. Enviromat has a mix of seven different plant species. Plants are specifically selected to look good in both summer and winter. These plants are drought tolerant, frost hardy and easy to care for.

A green roof has the potential to last for decades. It is very important that the design process is thought out properly before buying materials. This is because not all structures will be suitable for all types of green roofs. The installation time may also vary depending on the size of the structure is covered.

In addition to the green roof itself, we offer individual fleece layers that are designed for waterproofing and filter substrates from your green roof’s drainage system.

This short video shows Enviromat being installed onto a gently curved roof.


What type of green roof should you be looking to buy for your garden building?
 Green Roof Kit – Flat

This kit gives you a living sedum roof on a flat roof that can be installed in just an afternoon. Enviromat’s flat green roof kit is designed to instantly enhance any sturdy building with a roof pitch of 3 degrees or less. This kit will be perfect for a quick fix of an unattractive garden roof. And will transform it into something aesthetically pleasing for your garden.

More about green roofing kits for flat roofs

 Green Roof Kit – Pitched

This kit gives you a green roof that could be installed in a day. It is also suitable for roofs with a slope of more than 3 degrees. In this kit, you have everything you need to make a low maintenance flower garden on your roof.

Learn more about green roofs for slopes

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