Harrowden Turf – Enhancing Biodiversity with First Tunnels

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As the UK’s largest turf producer, Harrowden Turf is committed to enhancing the nation’s biodiversity and supporting sustainable practices. So it is this dedication that has driven our collaboration with the polytunnel specialists – First Tunnels. A company that shares our values and supports us in our mission towards a more ecologically balanced future.

Harrowden Turf: Nurturing Biodiversity, One Polytunnel at a Time

Our collaboration with First Tunnels began in January 2022 when we welcomed our first polytunnel. This significant step was driven by our shared commitment to quality and sustainability. It swiftly transformed our operations. Within just over a year, our single polytunnel blossomed into three, each fostering a thriving microcosm within its protective shell. Our shared journey is elaborated in the blog post “Powering Biodiversity with Polytunnels: A Successful Collaboration with Harrowden Turf” on the First Tunnels blog.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Practices

At Harrowden Turf, our guiding principles are rooted in sustainability, quality, innovation and teamwork. We focus on creating wildlife habitats, minimising the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, championing local suppliers, employing local people, and shrinking our carbon footprint.

Our polytunnels play a critical role in realising these principles. Nestled within these structures, an array of sedum and wildflower plants bloom, their vitality testifying to the rich biodiversity they help foster. These plants not only provide essential habitats but also food sources for wildlife. Furthermore, they contribute to our wider environmental efforts. They also provide the product to drive the broader adoption of green roofs and wildflower gardens across the UK.

Efficiency and Environmental Care: A Harmonious Balance

The addition of First Tunnels’ polytunnels has amplified our biodiversity efforts and boosted our operational efficiency.

With the three tunnels we now have, we can bring new plants on quickly and bring show plants on stream almost to a schedule.”

Going Beyond Business: Our Commitment to Sustainability

So this collaboration with First Tunnels transcends the boundaries of conventional business relationships. It represents our shared vision for a greener future, where business growth and environmental care exist in harmony. Through our combined efforts, we’re shaping a future where our activities and nature flourish hand-in-hand, powered by the strength of First Tunnels’ polytunnels.

Looking Forward

Our journey with First Tunnels is a powerful testament to our dedication towards nurturing biodiversity and championing sustainable practices. It’s more than a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to a greener future.

We look forward to the continued growth and transformation that our polytunnels will foster. Here’s to the years ahead, filled with blossoming wildflowers and a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem. At Harrowden Turf, we’re proud to be part of this crucial endeavour and invite you to join us in this shared commitment to nurture our world.

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