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How durable is our weed control fabric?

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weed control fabric

How durable is weed control fabric? Our Weed Control Fabric is manufactured by DuPont™ and will last in excess of 25 years if installed correctly. However, if left uncovered, UV rays will start to break down the fabric.

Install the fabric onto the ground ensuring the edges are well overlapped by 100mm and cover with your choice of ground cover. Make sure that the fabric is fully covered or it will start to decompose in direct sunlight. Don’t worry it takes a while for this to happen!

Our Weed Control Fabric is ideal for use in soft or hard landscaping providing a chemical-free weed control system. Laying it is pretty easy. Straight paths or runs are easier and it makes sense to make a level, raked, stone-free base for the fabric. It will help prevent tears and cuts although the fabric is quite resilient. Having recently re-laid a garden path I used the fabric under the same stones once they had been cleared of weeds. As luck would have it my path was curved but smaller pieces, overlapping worked a treat.

But, take your time. If you have room to clear everything from the site before laying the fabric so much the better, if not I press-ganged a couple of wheelbarrows into service and filled them to the brim before laying new fabric and replacing the stones /gravel.


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