Weed control fabric – everything you need to know.

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Plantex Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric is a material that is used to suppress the growth of weeds in gardens, landscaped areas, and other outdoor spaces. It is a permeable material that allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through while blocking sunlight, preventing the growth of weeds. Weed control fabric is available in various sizes, colours, and materials, and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Garden Beds

One of the most common uses of weed control fabric is in garden beds. The fabric is laid over the soil, creating a barrier that prevents weeds from growing through. The fabric can be cut to fit the shape of the garden bed and can be secured with stakes or pins. This is particularly useful for vegetable gardens, where weeds can quickly take over and compete with crops for nutrients.

Landscaped Areas

Weed control fabric can also be used in landscaped areas, around trees, shrubs, and flower beds. By preventing weeds from growing, the fabric helps to keep the landscaped area looking neat and tidy. It also reduces the amount of maintenance required, as there will be fewer weeds to pull.

Paths and Driveways

Weed control fabric can be used under paths and driveways to prevent weeds from growing up through the surface. This is particularly useful for gravel or stone paths, which can be difficult to maintain if weeds are allowed to grow through. The fabric can be laid over the soil before the path or driveway is constructed.

Erosion Control

Weed control fabric can also be used for erosion control. The fabric is laid over soil that is prone to erosion on steep slopes or embankments. The fabric helps to stabilise the soil, preventing erosion from water runoff and wind.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are becoming increasingly popular as they allow for better drainage, soil quality, and accessibility. Weed control fabric can be used in raised garden beds to prevent weeds from growing up through the soil. The fabric can be laid over the bottom of the bed before filling it with soil.

Whether you are creating a vegetable garden, landscaped area, or pathway, weed control fabric can help to reduce the amount of maintenance required by preventing weeds from growing. Our Weed Control Fabric is chemically inert so it will not harm children or pets. So, it can even be used in a pond to reduce soil erosion.

Our fabric is an ideal alternative to chemical based weed controls and is the first of its kind to be endorsed by Kew Gardens. Its long life span of at least 25 years means it’s a long term  environmentally friendly solution.

It can be made from a variety of materials, each with their own unique properties and benefits.


This is the most common material used. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is highly resistant to chemical and environmental damage. It is also lightweight, durable, and easy to work with. Polypropylene fabric is usually UV-resistant and can last up to 10 years.


Polyester weed control fabric is made from synthetic fibres that are woven together. It is highly resistant to tearing and punctures, making it a good choice for areas with heavy foot traffic. Polyester fabric is also UV-resistant and can last up to 15 years.

Biodegradable materials:

Some fabrics are made from biodegradable materials like jute, hemp, and coconut fibres. These materials break down over time, providing nutrients to the soil and promoting healthy plant growth. Biodegradable fabric is a good choice for organic gardens and eco-conscious gardeners.

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weed control fabric

Recycled materials:

Some manufacturers make weed control fabric from recycled materials like plastic bottles or old carpet fibres. These fabrics are eco-friendly and can help reduce waste. Recycled weed control fabric can be just as effective as other materials and is often more affordable.

Polypropylene and polyester are the most common materials used, but biodegradable and recycled materials are also available. No matter which you choose, weed control fabric is a great way to reduce weed growth and maintain a healthy garden or landscape.

How to Lay Weed Control Fabric

Our Weed Control Fabric can be installed any way up. It can even be used vertically to stop weeds travelling horizontally through soil.

The unique structure of the fabric allows water, nutrients and air to pass through to the soil but effectively suppresses weeds.  The pore size of the fabric allows a controlled flow of water to pass through reducing pooling or drying out.

Our Weed Control Fabric is ideal for use in soft or hard landscaping providing a chemical-free weed control system. Laying it is pretty easy. Straight paths or runs are easier and it makes sense to make a level, raked, stone-free base for the fabric. It will help prevent tears and cuts although the fabric is quite resilient. Having recently re-laid a garden path I used the fabric under the same stones once they had been cleared of weeds. As luck would have it my path was curved but smaller pieces, overlapping worked a treat.

But, take your time. If you have room to clear everything from the site before laying the fabric so much the better, if not I press-ganged a couple of wheelbarrows into service and filled them to the brim before laying new fabric and replacing the stones /gravel.

How durable is weed control fabric?

Our Weed Control Fabric is manufactured by DuPont™ and will last in excess of 25 years if installed correctly. However, if left uncovered, UV rays will start to break down the fabric.

Install the fabric onto the ground ensuring the edges are well overlapped by 100mm and cover with your choice of ground cover. Make sure that the fabric is fully covered or it will start to decompose in direct sunlight. Don’t worry it takes a while for this to happen!

Our Weed Control Fabric is ideal for use in soft or hard landscaping providing a chemical-free weed control system.


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